Postnatal Depression Toolkit

So, this is your toolkit, survival guide, whatever name you want to give it, to help beat postnatal depression. Some of what I’ll cover here will also help with depression in general. Here is the list of things I’ve covered so far, I’ll admit there isn’t a lot, but this is quite new, feel free to have a read, or keep on scrolling to see why I’m doing this:

  1. Medication

  2. Baby Groups

  3. Be Involved

  4. Talk About It

  5. Meditation

  6. Yoga

  7. Babywearing

  8. Online Support

I also have a post on 10 Quick Self Care Tips that you may find useful.

Basically what I aim to do here is provide people with a comprehensive list of things to try to help beat postnatal depression. Some of these things are geared more towards the dads, some more towards the mothers and obviously some for anyone in general. Not everything here will apply to you, and some may not even work when you try them the first time, but I’m just trying to give you something to help beat depression. I really just want to help people get through this like I did, so please feel free to follow these links through to pages where I’ll go into them in more detail.

Depression doesn’t have a quick fix. It will take time, determination, some support and a lot of effort. But you can do it! I’ve cycled through many things to help with my depression, and I still have to do things every day to help keep it at bay.

Why I Want to Suggest so Much

Postnatal depression, and depression in general, is a complex, multi-faceted puzzle that needs to be approached from as many angels as you can manage. It’s a little bit like your goal is to reach 100%, and you need as many percentage points, from as many places, as you can get, to reach that goal. Maybe one thing will give you 2%, maybe another will give you 7%, but if you keep adding those small numbers, you will get to 100% (or as close as anyone can actually get).

I think people often see one thing as the solution to their problems. They see medication as 100%, but in fact it may only be a small part of your recovery. For me, I know I need to incorporate as many things as I can. They all help support each other. If my diet fails, then that’s just one hole in the dam, but everything else is holding it together. Here’s an example of what I mean when it comes to having a support structure:

Untitled design (6)
This is for my depression in general, and not so much for PND

I hope that makes sense. As you can see, my diet and exercise are the main things that keep me together. If they fall then I know I’m going to struggle. Then you have all the little things that mount up to something bigger. With this toolkit I hope to supply you with a bunch of things that can help you build up a picture of what works for you.

I’ve left off more obvious things like my wife, money, general health and other big things like that. Of course if my wife died, or I became bankrupt, or had a terminal illness, then maybe a lot of this would be futile.

I will try to add more as I go along, this will be something that will build as time goes. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to sit and write out all of these in one go, so going bit by bit until it’s done is the way it will have to be done.

And of course, I’m constantly discovering new ways to help myself with depression, so when I discover it, I note it, and will turn it into a post here.

To stay up to date with this growing list, and the blog in general, then here are the social links:






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