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Can Men Get Postnatal Depression? Dad’s Suffer From PND Too

I started this blog for the sole purpose of talking about my experience, as a dad, with postnatal depression. Ever since I went public with my experience I’ve had to answer the same question again and again: can men get postnatal depression? I’ll be honest, I never mind trying to answer that question. Postnatal depression is more commonly associated with women. It’s only natural that people ask whether it’s something men can get. So I thought I’d collect my thoughts on this issue and talk about why I think men can suffer from PND, and why others would say that…

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My Husband Had Postnatal Depression – But His Battle Affected Me Too

My husband cried the day we found out I was pregnant. For almost our entire relationship being a father was something he wanted to be. But when our little girl was finally born, things weren’t right. I never put much thought into the idea of him suffering with postnatal depression, but all of a sudden, that’s exactly what he was going through. I know he’s talked about his struggles a lot on this blog. But the unspoken side of mental health is often the affects it has on the people around the sufferer. So this is my story of having…

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The Day That Kicked Started My Recovery: One Year on From My First Father’s Day

This time last year my feelings towards Isabelle were very different to what they are now. But unbeknown to me, they were about to change. On my first Father’s Day, a day that I really didn’t care all that much about, was when Isabelle smiled at me for the very first time. The Day That Kick Started My Recovery From Postnatal Depression It wasn’t until I started writing this post that I realised that this smile was captured on Father’s Day. I was scrolling through my Facebook to see what I said this time last year, and whether I mentioned…

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Suffering From Baby Regret and How I Dealt with It

I’ve talked about mental health and postnatal depression quite a lot on this blog. It’s the reason that I started it all. And one of the things I’ve briefly touched upon is suffering from baby regret. So I guess I’m just going to talk a little bit about my experience with regretting my daughter’s birth and how I dealt with the fact I wished I hadn’t become a parent. Suffering From Baby Regret and How I Dealt with It Before I continue, I will say that I don’t suffer with baby regret anymore. At least not seriously. I’ll admit to…

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Ways to Help With Postnatal Depression: Going Away Together

When I look back at my experience with postnatal depression, I know there was a lot of things that helped me on my way to recovery. But there was one thing that I feel kick started the whole thing, and that’s going away together. Going Away Started My Recovery From Postnatal Depression The first time I ever felt that Isabelle actually liked me was when we were in a random Travelodge in Weston super-Mare. She was propped up on the bed in one of those nursing pillows wearing just a nappy. It was ridiculously hot during a typical British heatwave…

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