Clean Carpets: Top Maintenance Tips For Cleaning Your Carpets

One of the easiest parts of a house to get dirty has to be the carpets. From high foot traffic to unruly toddlers, carpets can very easily become dirty and in dire need of some maintenance. But don’t panic – not that you was – I’m here to provide you with a few top tips to bring those carpets back to life and have them looking new in no time! Top Maintenance Tips For Cleaning Your Carpets Use a Professional cleaning machine like the Rug Doctor If you really want to give your carpets new life then the best solution…

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4 Disturbing Messages In Disney Movies

We all know Disney movies have a past reputation for occasionally being mildly inappropriate. Let’s just say Disney are partial to the odd disturbing dick related reference every once in a while. They also have a far greater reputation for sending children mixed messages via their seemingly innocent movies. But when you dig beneath the surface, things aren’t quite as innocent as them seem. Here are just 4 disturbing messages being sent in Disney movies. 4 Disturbing Messages In Disney Movies Before I properly start I will just say that Disney make amazing movies. Try and take what I say…

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Taking a Break From Instagram – Even if It Was Only for 3 Days

I’ll be honest from the top; this is a slightly wankery post to be writing. The idea that taking 3 days off from Instagram is something worthy of a blog post is almost laughable. Yet here we are. But I guess I just wanted to write a little bit about the fact I found myself in a position where I needed that break. I’m honestly not sure what you’ll take away from this post, but let’s see. Taking a Break From Instagram I love Instagram. I love the fact that I’ve made actual friends on there and that I have…

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How My Social Insecurities Affects My Ability to Make Friends

Truth be told, I suck at making friends. So much so that I wouldn’t really class myself as a person who has any friends. LIKE AT ALL. I didn’t even have a best man at my wedding because there was literally no one I could ask without sounding like a total weirdo. Scratch that, it sounds much better if I just say “I was marrying my best friend.” Yep. That works. Either way, I have a lot of social insecurities that does a lovely job of hindering me from making actual friends. So let’s talk about me and my wonderful…

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Abortion Isn’t Something That Can Only Affect Women

There’s a part of me, that for many reasons, really doesn’t want to write this post. But I almost feel like I have to. I’m going to talk about something many people would argue that I shouldn’t. And that’s abortion. Before I start I will say that I am a man who has never been directly affected by abortion, so if that’s enough to put you off then feel free to close your browser and ignore anything else that I have to say. I won’t be offended and I almost wouldn’t blame you. But if you’re open to hear me…

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