Dad’s First Night Alone With a Breastfed Baby – How Did it Go?

Well that’s it. Last night was my first night as a dad alone with our breastfed baby. The only reason I make a point of her being breastfed is because I’m obviously lacking something when it comes to breastfeeding. And that’s breasts. That’s obviously a pretty big deal when you consider that she still wake multiple times in the night to feed. It was something that I was seriously apprehensive about, but in the end it wasn’t actually too bad. Here she is sound asleep in her next-to-me cot. Dad’s First Night Alone With a Breastfed Baby I knew the…

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My Wife Has Her First Night Shift Coming Up – I’m Shitting Myself!

We knew this day would eventually come, but Rachel has her first night shift marked on the calendar. And to put it simply… I’m Absolutely Shitting Myself Yep. I’m shitting myself. At least metaphorically of course. I haven’t actually shit myself since I was roughly Isabelle’s age. Ok, now that’s probably a lie, and slightly off topic. But to put it bluntly, I don’t do parenting when it comes to the night time. And it’s not really my fault. Night Time with a Breastfeeding Wife lying isn’t my style on this blog. You know that by now. So I’ll admit…

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Being Back In Work After Maternity Leave – What it’s Like Being Back

Well, I’ve now been back in work for 11 weeks after ending my maternity leave. So I thought I’d come on here, take over the blog for a little bit, and write about what’s it’s been like being back in work. It wasn’t that long about I was nervously writing about how I felt before returning back to work. I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t want to go back, but now that I’ve back for a while I’ve started to actually enjoy it. What’s It Like to Be Back in Work After Maternity Leave? When I first went…

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Starting the Transition to Becoming Working Parents

So last week saw Rachel end her maternity leave and go back to work. She started on an induction week where she was basically working 7-3, Monday to Friday and yours truly was a Stay-at-Home dad for the week. I might have mentioned it.

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I’m About to Return to Work After Maternity Leave – Goodbye MAT Leave

So this is it. This is my last week of being a full time mum, and as of tomorrow morning, I am officially, begrudgingly, going back to work after maternity leave. I can’t quite believe this is the end of my MAT leave, but I guess this day was always going to come. I remember when I first went off I couldn’t even picture this day. It felt so far in the distance it almost didn’t seem real. After all, I had the birth to go through, then of course I had a baby to deal with. When you’re floating around…

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