LGBT Classes in School: Should Parents Be Allowed to Withdraw Children From LGBT Classes?

There’s been a little bit of backlash recently against MP Andrea Leadsom after she said that parents should be allowed to withdraw their children from LGBT classes in school. Of course this is an issue that by far transcends that of the views of a single MP, and really is something that needs to be talked about. So I’m going to do the wankery blogger thing and spout my opinions on whether parents should be allowed to withdraw their children from LGBT classes in school. Should Parents Be Allowed to Withdraw Children From LGBT Classes? Without sounding like a massive…

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Sorry, Piers Morgan, it’s Not Emasculating Babywearing as a Dad

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has been criticised for his latest statement on dads and their decision to use baby carriers. He said “The adoption of the papoose by some men is the best example of emasculation I have ever seen. They look ridiculous.” As a dad who used baby carriers for quite a lot of my daughters early life, I’m here to ask whether it is emasculating babywearing as a dad? Or is Piers simply wrong on this one. If you want to watch the segment, here it is: Is it Emasculating Babywearing as a Dad? When I…

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Father of One Closes Car Door, Wife is Said to Be “Very Proud”

It’s something millions of us do every single day, but when the Duchess of South Wales, more commonly known as Ross, closed his car door on Wednesday, his wife was utterly shocked. “I’m very proud of my husband.” She said, commenting on the closing of the car door. “He’s usually rather useless if I’m honest, I mean I’d prefer it if he did the ironing or maybe the dishes, but I’m so happy he managed to close the car door! I couldn’t be happier.” Arriving home from a hard day’s work, Ross stepped out of his car – he even…

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Theybies: The New Bullshit Term for Gender Neutral Parenting

I’ve heard some bizarre shit in my time, but I recently came across the term ‘Theybies’ and thought “here we go again, more of this stupid shit.” This is essentially coming off the back of the whole ‘gender-neutral’ parenting movement that has slowly but surely been picking up a lot of steam lately. I will apologies in advance before you continue, this post will contain some curse words in it. I don’t tend to swear too heavily in my blog posts but fuck it, this one deserves it. If you want to see some of the stupid shit I’m referring…

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What About the Dads? – NHS Perinatal Mental Health Plan Doesn’t Mention Dads

In an article posted on the Guardian, the NHS plan to invest heavily in perinatal mental health over the coming years. They said that “only 3% of the country had good access to perinatal mental health care as recently as 2014, but that it expected to have extended that to 100% by next April.”  And they also said that they will be “putting into effect a second wave of community perinatal services, costing £23m, as part of a wider package of measures aimed at providing care to 30,000 more women by 2021.” But whilst these plans are great, there is…

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