Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression is a massive reason why I started this blog. So here are all the posts I’ve written related to having PND. Of course, I feel that postnatal depression is something that is my past, as I don’t suffer from it now, so there’s a strong chance that there won’t be many new posts related to this. But sometimes I do reflect over my time with PND, so I may still talk about this when things come up.

Can Men Get Postnatal Depression? Dad’s Suffer From PND Too

I started this blog for the sole purpose of talking about my experience, as a dad, with postnatal depression. Ever since I went public with my experience I’ve had to answer the same question again and again: can men get postnatal depression? I’ll be honest, I never mind trying to answer that question. Postnatal depression is more commonly associated with women. It’s only natural that people ask whether it’s something men can get. So I thought I’d collect my thoughts on this issue and talk about why I think men can suffer from PND, and why others would say that…

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My Husband Had Postnatal Depression – But His Battle Affected Me Too

My husband cried the day we found out I was pregnant. For almost our entire relationship being a father was something he wanted to be. But when our little girl was finally born, things weren’t right. I never put much thought into the idea of him suffering with postnatal depression, but all of a sudden, that’s exactly what he was going through. I know he’s talked about his struggles a lot on this blog. But the unspoken side of mental health is often the affects it has on the people around the sufferer. So this is my story of having…

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Letter to My Wife on Our First Anniversary Whilst Suffering With Depression

This time last year I was still suffering with postnatal depression. But since my wife and I were celebrating our paper anniversary together, I decided to write her a letter. Of course, at the time, I didn’t have this blog. So I had absolutely no intention of anyone ever seeing what I wrote. But since I’m quite public with a lot of my thoughts and feelings, I thought I’d share this. I’m mainly doing it to give you a little bit of an insight into my mindset when Isabelle was roughly 10 weeks old. This is virtually unedited to what…

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Why Maternal Mental Health Week is So Important

If you asked me a few years ago what my thoughts were about awareness days, I probably would have told you that they were a waste of time. And if I’m honest, some of them still are. I mean I don’t think we really need a Richter Scale Day. Perhaps I’m missing something on that one, but some of these days have gotten a little silly. But right now there’s a very important one going on, and that’s World Maternal Mental Health Week. Why Maternal Mental Health Week is So Important For me, Maternal Mental Health week is vital for those…

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I Didn’t Hate My Daughter – I Hated Myself

This has been a massive week for me on a personal level. If you’ve read this blog before you might have heard me say that I hated Isabelle when she was born. There are so many places that have that headline. I’m obviously not going to list them all. But for a long time I thought it to be true. And whilst recording a video to talk about the last few days, which saw my letter to Isabelle hit the media outlets, I realised something. I might have hated myself, and not my daughter. I Didn’t Hate My Daughter, I…

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