5 Ways to Make Nappy Changes Easier That Probably Won’t Work

If there’s one thing I miss about having a newborn baby it’s the nappy changes. Changing a toddler is a bastard nightmare. The kicking, screaming, smacking and overall desire to get off the table by any means necessary makes the whole process a apprehensive nightmare. But perhaps there are things you can try to make it easier. So I have some suggestions for you. A few little tricks up my sleeve. Don’t get me wrong, none of them are going to work, but will at least give you something to do to look like you’re trying. 5 Ways to Help Make…

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What Is Attachment Parenting? And How We Stumbled Into It

I really don’t think you know exactly how you’re going to parent until you’re there. Prior to having our daughter, I probably didn’t give much thought to attachment parenting. I didn’t really know what it was. There’s a chance I thought it was probably some sort of natural, or green parenting, but I don’t think I ever really asked the question “What is attachment parenting?” When we had our daughter, we had everything we thought we would need. We had the cot, the pram, the moses basket, and we even had the bottle feeding stuff despite having no intention of using…

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Baby Standing: Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Stand

Having your baby standing is one of the big baby milestones that most parents are excited to reach. After this it won’t be long before they’re walking and that’s where the real fun begins! So I’m here to give you X ways to help encourage your baby to stand! Ways to Help Encourage Your Baby to Stand 1. The Zone of Safety I’m putting this up first as it’s by far my favourite. It’s one I’ve used a lot when I’m with our baby all day, and it’s one that I feel gives you a little bit of time to get…

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Is Co-Sleeping Safe? – We Do It and We Love It

An article, posted on the Daily Mail, has stated that “three babies are accidentally dying every WEEK while sleeping in their parents’ bed with 141 fatalities in the past year alone.” With a damning, misleading headline like that, I thought I’d look at the question “is co-sleeping safe?” Is Co-Sleeping Safe? It’s very important to note how things are worded in this article when it comes to asking “Is co-sleeping safe?”. Take the following as an example: ‘The chance of sudden death goes up when bed-sharing if a parent smokes, has drunk alcohol or taken drugs or is very tired.” IF.…

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Tummy Time: When to Start and 5 Ways to Help

I’ll be honest. For us, it’s been incredibly easy getting Isabelle to engage in as much tummy time as possible. Truth be told, she really isn’t fussed on being on her back. She’ll lie there, but unless you’re changing her, playing with her legs or doing something stupid to amuse her, she doesn’t like it. Instead, what she does want, is to be on her front.

We’ve also been incredibly lucky that Isabelle has had really good neck strength from a very early age. Here she is a little under 4 weeks old, sat happily in her bouncer without the need to get held up:

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