Real Nappy Week: 5 Reasons to Switch to Reusable Nappies

As it’s officially Real Nappy week I thought I’d do the pretty obvious thing and talk about real nappies. OH WOW, REALLY!? Not that I ever use the term “real nappies” – it’s not like disposable ones are imaginary – but instead I go with the term reusable nappies. Either way, does it really matter? No. Did I just waste a few moments of your time talking bollocks before I’ve even really started? Yes. Of course I did, that’s what I do. Anyway, do you want 5 reasons to make the switch to reusable nappies? If not then what the…

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How to Make Your Own Baby Food With All The Right Nutrients

With recent studies revealing that some shop bought baby food could actually be doing more harm than good for our little ones, more and more parents are turning to homemade baby food when it comes to weaning. The key to making your own baby food is providing the right nutrients that our babies need to be healthy and grow.  How to Make Your Own Baby Food With All The Right Nutrients Not only are these ideas affordable and much cheaper than pre-made food, but they’re also really easy to make.   If like us you’re fed up of sugar-induced baby foods,…

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What Women Put Themselves Through to Become Mothers Is Amazing

Before you say anything, I’ll admit that the title of this post looks like it was written by a husband who ROYALLY fucked up and is now doing his very best to make up to his wife. The title really does scream “oh god what have you done now!” But I honestly just wanted to talk about how amazing my wife is – suck up – that she’s put herself through having a baby and is currently pregnant with the next one. Obviously if it gets me some brownie points that I can cash in to do weird shit, then…

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How My Views on Parenting Have Changed Since Becoming a Parent

But this is a post all about how my views on parenting have changed since I’ve actually become a parent. I dare say you gathered that from the title.

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Should Home Educators Legally Have to Register and Be Checked?

We recently watched Channel 4’s Dispatches show called Skipping School: Britain’s Invisible Children. It’s a show that has been lampooned by the home education community for being rather biased in their portrayal of home educated families. I’m not entirely sure what the intent of the show was, but to me they inadvertently showed the failings of the school system rather than the failings of those who are home educated. There was a lot of bullshit in that show. But, it did raise an interesting question: Should home educators legally have to register and be checked? Should Home Educators Legally Have…

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