How to Make Your Own Baby Food With All The Right Nutrients

With recent studies revealing that some shop bought baby food could actually be doing more harm than good for our little ones, more and more parents are turning to homemade baby food when it comes to weaning. The key to making your own baby food is providing the right nutrients that our babies need to be healthy and grow.  How to Make Your Own Baby Food With All The Right Nutrients Not only are these ideas affordable and much cheaper than pre-made food, but they’re also really easy to make.   If like us you’re fed up of sugar-induced baby foods,…

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5 Reasons I Actually Miss the Baby Stage

When you become a parent for the first time, you think it’s the most difficult thing in the world. Then your baby becomes a toddler, and you realise how easy you used to have it. Yes you had sleepless nights, but at least your baby didn’t cry because you gave them food when they were hungry. So whilst I do love parenting a toddler, here are 5 reasons I actually miss the baby stage. 5 Reasons I Actually Miss the Baby Stage 1. No “Oh shit, where did they go!?” Moments One of the best things about having a baby is…

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The Day That Kicked Started My Recovery: One Year on From My First Father’s Day

This time last year my feelings towards Isabelle were very different to what they are now. But unbeknown to me, they were about to change. On my first Father’s Day, a day that I really didn’t care all that much about, was when Isabelle smiled at me for the very first time. The Day That Kick Started My Recovery From Postnatal Depression It wasn’t until I started writing this post that I realised that this smile was captured on Father’s Day. I was scrolling through my Facebook to see what I said this time last year, and whether I mentioned…

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We’ve Now Entered the Tantrum Stage of Our Parenting Journey

Well, all of a sudden we’ve hit the tantrum stage of the parenting journey. I’m well aware that this is a stage that is going to last for some time, but this is just the beginning. Here’s Isabelle right in the middle of a meltdown: I’ve Realised That a Tantrum Can Be Really Silly Tantrums were one of those things that prior to having a baby I assumed had a reason behind them. You take a toy off the child, they throw a tantrum. You say no to ice cream, they throw a tantrum. I guess I assumed there would…

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Suddenly We’re Celebrating Our Baby’s First Birthday

I think we’re both slightly in a state of disbelief. We’re somehow celebrating the fact that our baby has just had her first birthday! Having a One Year Old Of course, a first birthday was inevitably going to happen. But it still feels really weird that Isabelle is somehow now a one year old. Reflecting on the Past Year If I really wanted to, I could turn this into the worlds longest post. But I’m not going to go into every little detail of the past year. I’ve been running this blog since Isabelle was around less than four months…

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