Reusable Nappies: Taking the Plunge With Fill Your Pants – Review

The vast majority of posts written about reusable nappies are done by people who want to use them. As you might expect. This review however, is a little bit different. When my wife first asked me to reach out to people to see if we could try reusable nappies I really didn’t want to. I am happy enough staying with disposable nappies if I’m totally honest with you. So when Fill Your Pants said they’d send us out their starter pack, I was almost a little bit disappointed. Reusable Nappies: Taking the Plunge With Fill Your Pants Despite the Fact…

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Warwick Castle with a Toddler – A Review

We recently went on a little trip to Shropshire to meet up with a few fellow weirdos from Instagram. Whilst we were there we thought we’d do something a little more productive and paid a visit to Warwick Castle with our toddler. This is basically a little review of that trip. That’s about as sexy as this post is going to get. Nothing weird. Just s review of Warwick Castle. Warwick Castle with a Toddler – a Review We’ve been to Warwick castle before. But that was when our daughter was a lot younger and she basically spent the entire…

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Celebrating 18 Months of Breastfeeding with Breastmilk Jewellery from Eternally Cherished

When my wife was approaching the 18 month mark of her breastfeeding journey I didn’t have a clue how we could celebrate it. For the one year mark, I made a milking boob cake. But I could hardly repeat that. So I finally decided to look into something that she’s wanted for quite a while, and that’s breastmilk jewellery. Fortunately, I had the help of Eternally Cherished to create a breastmilk bead to celebrate the milestone. Celebrating 18 Months of Breastfeeding with Breastmilk Jewellery from Eternally Cherished As a dad in the breastfeeding journey, I’m never going to truly understand…

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Using the Rug Doctor to Handle Those Muddy Autumn Walks

When it comes to cleaning, I’m not exactly what you would call “very good at doing a lot.” Those are my wife’s words, and not mine. So when Rug Doctor got in touch offering to send out their Portable Spot Cleaner – as well as few other products – to help clean the stains from those muddy autumn walks, my wife almost tore my arm off in excitement. Not only was she going to be able to have the rugs cleaned, but I was going to have to do it. I think that’s what you call a win win. Reviewing…

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Halloween Spooktacular at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Prior to becoming a parent, Halloween was never something that I massively cared about. For us it was just a case of either hiding away in the house with all the lights off, or going somewhere else to ensure we remained undisturbed by the trick-or-treaters. What it means now is a good excuse to do something fun with our daughter. Whilst we’re not quite at Halloween just yet, that doesn’t mean there isn’t Halloween fun to be had in the build up to the day. Something like the Halloween Spooktacular at Bristol Zoo! Halloween Spooktacular at Bristol Zoo Gardens We…

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