Abergavenny Food Festival: Is It Worth the Ticket Price?

My wife and I love a good food festival. But for whatever reason, despite living fairly close, we’ve never been to Abergavenny Food Festival before. To be honest, I think we were always put off slightly by the fact you had to pay to get in. And rather than look into what exactly was on offer, we just never went. Recently, however, we attended the festival thanks to having media accreditation via the blog. So I’ve finally managed to be able to answer the question of Abergavenny Food Festival, and that’s “is it worth the ticket price?” Abergavenny Food Festival: Is…

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Cefn Mably Farm Park Review – The Best Farm for a Day Out in South Wales

We’re constantly on the look out for fun and exciting things to do with our toddler in the South Wales area. Since she’s a big lover of animals, farms are always a good bet. We’ve tried other farms in the past, and we’ve always been left a little bit underwhelmed. But Cefn Mably Farm Park has so far proven to be the best farm in South Wales. If you’re after somewhere to visit for an enjoyable, affordable day out, then look no further. Here’s our review of the farm. Cefn Mably Farm Park: Review Outside: The Animals and the Parks…

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Walnut Tree Farm Park Review – Things to Do in South Wales

We recently paid a visit to Walnut Tree Farm Park. If you’re looking for days out with the kids in South Wales, then here’s a review of our experience with the farm.

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Tredegar House Country Park – My Go-to Park to Take My Toddler

Like most parents, I like to take my toddler to the park as often as I can. Not only is it good for her to wander around and use up some energy, but it’s good for me to get out and about too. Out of all the parks we’ve gone to, we keep getting drawn back to Tredegar House Country Park. So much so that I wanted to do a little review of sorts about why we both seemingly love Tredegar Park. Tredegar House Country Park – Why This Park Has Become My Go-to Choice to Take Our Toddler When…

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The Happy Bag with Funky Pigeon for Mental Health

When it comes to health and wellbeing, we are almost always willing to show support to someone after suffering a physical setback. If someone was to undergo surgery, there’s a strong chance you might be willing to visit them in hospital, or at the very least perhaps send them a ‘get well soon’ card. But what do we do when someone goes through a mental illness? Do we do anything then? I don’t think we really do. And that’s why I think something like the Happy Bag by Funky Pigeon is so important. So What is the Happy Bag? The…

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