Getting “Fashionable” Thanks to the Jacamo Summer Menswear Range

When it comes to fashion, I’m not exactly what you would call an expert. I’m a pro when it comes to dressing a baby, but when it comes to myself I’m rather lacklustre. So when Jacamo asked if I’d be interested in writing a review of their summer menswear range, my wife almost bit my arm off. Suffice to say, I have a track history of not being all that presentable. Case in point:

You can thank my wife for the side-by-side comparison of me looking like some old school fruit salads. I genuinely thought I looked quite nice.

Finding Something “Fashionable” from the Jacamo Summer Menswear Range

So my wife promptly took over and went searching for what Jacamo had on offer. After a little while and a bit of a rethink, she realised that it was pointless trying to tell a 27 year old man what he had to wear. She knows me well enough by now that if she wants me to dress nice, I’ll dress like a total idiot to prove a point. I’ve even put on her wedding dress just to mildly irritate the poor woman.

Rather than kit me out with a bunch of highly fashionable clothing, which you can of course find on Jacamo, my wife and I took the safe option and stuck to things I would actually wear. Not a bad bit of practical advice when shopping for clothes. See, there’s something you can takeaway from this post: buy clothes you’ll actually wear.

When it comes to buying clothes, I’ll be honest, I’m very basic. I don’t like anything fancy, I don’t wear anything with much writing on and I vary rarely wear anything that is easily identified as branded. Not for any real reason. I’m not some super anti-capitalist or a minimalist, I just like to keep things simple.

I Never Thought to look online at somewhere like Jacamo

I never really thought to bother looking online at somewhere like Jacamo to find clothing. Naturally, I just assumed it would be a little bit over priced and mostly consist of stuff a little bit too fashionable for my liking. I’m the type who usually just picks stuff up when I get dragged along by my wife to somewhere like Primark. I merely pick up a bunch of tops that probably won’t last very long, but do the job until my wife chucks them out. So this was a little bit interesting seeing what Jacamo had on offer, and whether I was actually missing out on anything by doing it all online.

Jacamo logo on the shorts

What I Picked from Jacamo

If you’re after a post full of awesome photos of a fairly attractive male model showing off some highly fashionable clothing, then maybe you’ve come to the wrong post. Don’t get me wrong, the clothes are great. But when you’ve mainly gone for plain t-shirts from the Jacamo range you’re hardly setting yourself up for a sexy photoshoot. Not that I couldn’t totally pull off a sexy photoshoot, let’s be honest.

There was obviously no point in going with something silly like a waistcoat or some peacocking floral number that would merely sit in the wardrobe. I’m not going for any of these any time soon.

The Jacamo range of plain t-shirts are well worth having a look at if you’re a little bit like me when it comes to fashion. They’re literally just £6 a t-shirt for the one-colour plain designs. When you put that in comparison to a one-colour t-shirt that simply has ‘Adidas’ on the arm for £35, it’s pretty good value for money.

Pushing the boat out with some Adidas shorts

I did, however, splash out a little bit and went for a £33 pair of Adidas shorts. Mainly because I haven’t owned anything from Adidas since I was roughly 12 years old, back in the day when jogging bottoms were cool. Are they still cool? Were they ever even cool? I have no idea.

Adidas shorts and a plain grey t-shirt from Jacamo
The Adidas shorts and a plain grey t-shirt

I’ll be honest, I actually really like the Adidas shorts. They’re a little bit on the short side. I mean I have good legs so I can totally pull them off, but I tend to prefer shorts that are a little bit longer and looser. Although, I do love the fact that these shorts are tighter in the pockets. It’s nice being able to run without my phone bouncing around all the time.

I would actually highly recommend the Jacamo branded shorts!

I almost exclusively only ever wear shorts. I’m pretty sure I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn anything but shorts in the past 12 months, and that’s usually because we’ve gone somewhere formal like a wedding. But there’s one thing I really love about the Jacamo shorts, and that’s the stretchy crotch area – if that’s the right thing to call it. I mean, just check out my ability to easily lunge in these shorts.

Doing a bit of yoga in my Jacamo shorts
Yes, I understand I look slightly silly, don’t worry

I love a good bit of yoga. If our toddler is messing around on the floor, or I’m simply standing around, I’ll try and put in a bit of a stretch. I’m not going to brag, but I’m not bad for someone who barely ever attends classes, not that the photo above would indicate this. Since I’m not a bad lunger, and a lot of my stretching involves working the legs, my shorts tend to get a pretty good stretching too. I’ve recently chucked out a few pairs due to rips in the crotch. But I really feel that these Jacamo ones will last a lot longer. And at £20 a pair that’s not bad value for money considering how long I think these will last.

Feel free to check out Jacamo and what they have on offer

Thanks for reading this highly informative fashion post. I’m hardly the best person to come to if you’re after fashion advice, but If you want to buy something from the Jacamo range, then you can simply head to their website. If you’re someone like me who just likes to keep things affordable and simple, then they’re excellent for that!

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Getting Fashionable with Jacamo - here's a post about the clothes I've recently been sent by Jacamo and a few photos of me looking rather 'sexy' wearing them


*Disclaimer* – I was sent these items in exchange for this review. But the opinions are entirely my own.



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