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Meet Us – Isablog

Meet Us

On the off chance you’re wondering who this family is writing this blog, then that’s what this page is basically for. If you’re after a little bit of a family photo with a nice looking ‘logo’ then here’s the shot you’re after.

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The Family

Ross Hunt

I’m a 26 year old married father of one, both in terms of wives and children, from South Wales. Other than writing this blog, I’m also a postman. I started Isablog after having postnatal depression very shortly after the birth of Isabelle.

I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly what you’d call a social butterfly. I would much rather spend the evening in the house with Rachel and the rest of this little family than be out socialising. There’s only so much I can take of being around other people before I start having a headache and zone out.

I’m someone who’s very keen on constantly changing and improving myself as a person, I know my flaws very well, I doubt my strengths a lot and I hope I keep growing during the course of this blog. I may say something on here and a few months down the line think in a new way. There’s nothing wrong with changing how you think about something, it’s actually a good thing.


Rachel Hunt

Sorry for the slightly unflattering photo of myself. But here I am. I’m a 26 year old first time mum and A&E nurse. I’m not all that fond on writing, so you probably won’t read a lot from me. I dare say Ross will want me to write the odd post, and maybe at times I’ll have something to get off my chest, but let’s just say this is mostly Ross’s thing.

I have written about going back to work after maternity leave if you want to read that one. I also occasionally try and talk about breastfeeding, and my Couch to 5K journey on here. But like I said, you won’t really read too much from me.


Isabelle Hunt

She’s the reason this blog exists; partly due to the fact that this is a parenting blog. It’s kind of important to have a child to write about. I would put her age, but that would mean I’d have to edit this ‘Meet Us’ page every month, and I don’t have that much time, so just know she was born in April 2017, there’s some very easy maths for you to do.

It’s very hard to describe what a child is like in a way that doesn’t mean I’ll have to come back in a few months time and re-write the whole thing. This is actually the third time I’ve written this paragraph. Let’s just say that Isabelle is a rather adventurous, danger-seeking toddler who loves to try and find things to laugh at.

She’s the real star of the show. I may write all the words, but it’s Isabelle who steals the photos. Just look at her little face!

I try and write about my experience as a parent and what I get up to with Isabelle. Although I do have a tendency to veer off and just talk about parenting issues in general.


Elsie & Ralph

These are what you would call our fur babies. Elsie was the first. She’s currently four years old and taught me a lot about being a dad before I even became one. Ralph, is a pain in the arse. But he’s also super affectionate and overly obsessive. He was quite difficult when we brought Isabelle home, which you can read about here.

During my more depressive years, Elsie was incredibly beneficial to me, and somehow had a real knack for knowing when something was wrong. I owe a lot to Elsie, even if that sounds stupid, and I’m still terrified of her inevitably dying. Of course, I don’t want it to happen to Ralph either, but me and Elsie have some sort of weird connection.

img_20180119063704Vanellope & Thumper

So we have house rabbits. More than that, they have their own bedroom. Yes, I understand that we are slightly sad, but they seem to love it, and that’s what matters. At the moment, Isabelle really loves to climb up at their baby gate, which is something that Ralph absolutely loves as occasionally the baby gate will actually open. I should really fix it, as it’s getting quite annoying. But I don’t have enough time. Besides, I kind of like the fact that Isabelle and Ralph team up to get in to see the bunnies.

There’s not really much reason for me including the rabbits in this as I’m hardly going to blog about them. But this is just a little page giving you a little insight about who we all are if you feel so inclined.

That’s the Family

Well that’s everyone. If we have any more additions I’ll quickly add them here. Although there’s a very strong chance there won’t be any more arrivals any time soon, but you never know!

If you’ve finished reading this and you’re thinking “wow, this is a blogger I want to work with” then seek medical attention, and then contact me via the contact page.


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