Taking a Break From Instagram – Even if It Was Only for 3 Days

I’ll be honest from the top; this is a slightly wankery post to be writing. The idea that taking 3 days off from Instagram is something worthy of a blog post is almost laughable. Yet here we are. But I guess I just wanted to write a little bit about the fact I found myself in a position where I needed that break. I’m honestly not sure what you’ll take away from this post, but let’s see. Taking a Break From Instagram I love Instagram. I love the fact that I’ve made actual friends on there and that I have…

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Warwick Castle with a Toddler – A Review

We recently went on a little trip to Shropshire to meet up with a few fellow weirdos from Instagram. Whilst we were there we thought we’d do something a little more productive and paid a visit to Warwick Castle with our toddler. This is basically a little review of that trip. That’s about as sexy as this post is going to get. Nothing weird. Just s review of Warwick Castle. Warwick Castle with a Toddler – a Review We’ve been to Warwick castle before. But that was when our daughter was a lot younger and she basically spent the entire…

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We’re Finally Pregnant! My First Reaction

As you might be able to guess from the title of this post, we’re finally pregnant! Of course by “we” I mean my wife. I’m not actually pregnant. Despite what the following photo might show. This is basically going to be my first reaction to the whole idea of adding baby number two to the mix. We’re Finally Pregnant! My first reaction to the possible positive pregnancy test Words from a car park in Tesco: The following is something I wrote whilst sat in a car park in Tesco after picking up a few pregnancy test. And a sweet chilli chicken…

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The Naughty Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I’ll be honest, I usually hate a blogger’s gift guide. The majority of the time the only reason a blogger does a gift guide is so they can be sent free shit. Either that or they use them to fill it full of affiliate links to encourage you to click through so they can earn some measly commission. That part is actually true for this post. Please buy something. I need to buy my daughter clothes. So I thought I’d do things a little bit differently and do a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that’s rather naughty and full of stuff that relates to sex! Because that’s what Valentine’s Day is…

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I Love My Daughter, But I Will Always Put My Marriage First

When you become a parent you inevitably have the feeling that your child is the most important thing in your life. You love them unconditionally, at least eventually, and you would do anything for them. Some people even say that their children are now the priority in their life. But for me it’s going to be a little bit different. As much as I love my daughter, I will always put my marriage first. My Marriage Will Always Come Ahead of My Children Before I carry on with any of this, I will say that my marriage will always come…

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