Clean Carpets: Top Maintenance Tips For Cleaning Your Carpets

One of the easiest parts of a house to get dirty has to be the carpets. From high foot traffic to unruly toddlers, carpets can very easily become dirty and in dire need of some maintenance. But don’t panic – not that you was – I’m here to provide you with a few top tips to bring those carpets back to life and have them looking new in no time! Top Maintenance Tips For Cleaning Your Carpets Use a Professional cleaning machine like the Rug Doctor If you really want to give your carpets new life then the best solution…

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How My Views on Parenting Have Changed Since Becoming a Parent

But this is a post all about how my views on parenting have changed since I’ve actually become a parent. I dare say you gathered that from the title.

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4 Disturbing Messages In Disney Movies

We all know Disney movies have a past reputation for occasionally being mildly inappropriate. Let’s just say Disney are partial to the odd disturbing dick related reference every once in a while. They also have a far greater reputation for sending children mixed messages via their seemingly innocent movies. But when you dig beneath the surface, things aren’t quite as innocent as them seem. Here are just 4 disturbing messages being sent in Disney movies. 4 Disturbing Messages In Disney Movies Before I properly start I will just say that Disney make amazing movies. Try and take what I say…

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Reusable Nappies: Taking the Plunge With Fill Your Pants – Review

The vast majority of posts written about reusable nappies are done by people who want to use them. As you might expect. This review however, is a little bit different. When my wife first asked me to reach out to people to see if we could try reusable nappies I really didn’t want to. I am happy enough staying with disposable nappies if I’m totally honest with you. So when Fill Your Pants said they’d send us out their starter pack, I was almost a little bit disappointed. Reusable Nappies: Taking the Plunge With Fill Your Pants Despite the Fact…

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Should Home Educators Legally Have to Register and Be Checked?

We recently watched Channel 4’s Dispatches show called Skipping School: Britain’s Invisible Children. It’s a show that has been lampooned by the home education community for being rather biased in their portrayal of home educated families. I’m not entirely sure what the intent of the show was, but to me they inadvertently showed the failings of the school system rather than the failings of those who are home educated. There was a lot of bullshit in that show. But, it did raise an interesting question: Should home educators legally have to register and be checked? Should Home Educators Legally Have…

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