Review: KidloLand App

When it comes to parenting, there are two very distinct ways that it can be viewed. There’s the romanticised, idealistic view; and there’s the much more realistic, real-life way. The first, is our dream view of how we are, or want to be, as parents. That’s the view where we see ourselves with that grinning, wonderfully dressed child, in a spotlessly clean house after we’ve read them three stories, taught them German and prepared the greenest, healthiest meal we can make. Then there’s the version that we’re actually more accustom to. One where they’re screaming, the house is an utter disgrace…

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IKEA Antilop Highchair Insert Review with Messy Me

I said in a previous review that the material used by Messy Me would be much more suited to something like a splash-mat, bib or highchair insert than a changing bag. Well, since we’re currently giving three meals a day to Isabelle, and therefore need something much easier to clean, I’m back here, writing a review for their highchair inserts for the IKEA Antilop. Pros of the Messy Me Insert for the IKEA Antilop As you can imagine, with the oilcloth material that Messy Me uses, it is very easy to clean. And cleaning up is something you will quickly…

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White Noise Teddy Bear – Sleep Aid Toy With MyHummy

It wasn’t too long ago that I was moaning at my wife for buying a MyHummy Sleepy Head when we had a few rough nights of Isabelle waking and refusing to settle. I said it in that review, and I’ll repeat it here. I thought “It was something that was simply being sold to overly panicked parents who wanted a quick fix for an easy night.”

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Disney Activity Gym: Mr. Ray of Finding Nemo – Review

Let’s be honest, the main reason you’re even considering buying this product is because it’s Disney. I know that’s why we bought it. We already had the Finding Nemo bouncer, so why not complete the set and get the activity gym. So that’s what we did. We paid slightly over what you would consider a reasonable price for an activity gym just because it’s Disney. I’ll admit, that we’re probably suckers. But we’re not the only ones.

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Review: Messy Me Clutch Bag

This is an ideal changing bag for those who want to travel light and not have the pain of carrying a regular sized bag around. Not that I’ve ever seen this as a problem, I will admit, but then I literally carry a bag around for a living (postman, if you must ask). But despite its small size, you can surprisingly still fit a decent amount inside. This is what we comfortably put in our clutch bag:

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