The Happy Bag with Funky Pigeon for Mental Health

When it comes to health and wellbeing, we are almost always willing to show support to someone after suffering a physical setback. If someone was to undergo surgery, there’s a strong chance you might be willing to visit them in hospital, or at the very least perhaps send them a ‘get well soon’ card. But what do we do when someone goes through a mental illness? Do we do anything then? I don’t think we really do. And that’s why I think something like the Happy Bag by Funky Pigeon is so important.

the chocolates for the #BelieveinHappy range by Funky Pigeon - all part of the Happy Bag
The #BelieveInHappy range with Funky Pigeon

So What is the Happy Bag?

The Happy Bag is the signature product of the newly launched Believe in Happy range by Funky Pigeon. This range is aimed at preciously what I was talking about at the top. It’s about showing support to someone who might be going through a mental health issue as opposed to a physical one. It’s something that was thought up by Amy, one of the graphic designers at Funky Pigeon after she went through postnatal depression.

Amy even sums it up brilliantly herself by saying “I have created a ‘Believe in Happy’ campaign to help people through mental health issues and to encourage people to treat a mental health illness the same as a physical illness.”

But What’s in the Bag?

I guess you’d like to know what’s in the bag? Thought so. Well here’s what you get:

  • Pukka Night Time Tea
  • The Happy Journal with Funky Pigeon Pen (never knock a pen!)
  • Chocolates
  • Happy – Book by Fearne Cotton
  • Supportive Card – I will note that this isn’t a card you can write on, it’s one with supportive advice and a message from the creator of the Happy Bag, Amy
  • And of course the tote bag itself
the Happy Bag by Funky Pigeon
If you didn’t fancy reading what’s in the bag, here’s a visual

You can have all of this for £22.99, with 30% of net sales going to the mental health charity Mind. So not only can you help someone directly that you know with the bag, but also others indirectly by giving to charity. It’s what you call a win win.

It’s Less About What’s In the Bag – It’s About the Bag Itself

In all honesty, to me it doesn’t massively matter what’s in this bag. Of course it helps that Funky Pigeon have gone for things that might help give someone a little lift. But it’s actually about the intent behind the bag. If you ever find yourself in a low point it’s very easy to feel unconnected with everyone around you. It’s easy to isolate yourself, feel like no one cares and get into a lull that feels impossible to get out of.

Will this bag be the thing that lifts you out? Possibly not. But what it does is give someone the opportunity to show that they’re there for you. Maybe they’re not comfortable talking to you about mental health, and maybe you’re not either. But perhaps this bag is the little sign that you’re looking for to show that someone cares. Someone is there for you. It’s not much, it’s just a bag with some pretty nice gifts in, but it’s the fact that they’ve shown that they’re there for you.

Just showing someone a little bit of support is something my wife has talked about on this blog in the past. She wrote about trying to help someone suffering with postnatal depression, and something like this bag would be something that might help.

Changing How We View Mental Health

What I love most about the Happy Bag is the fact that something like this is going to massively help how we look at mental health. It’s about knocking down the stigma of mental health and seeing it in the same way that we see a physical injury.

Being open and honest about mental health is part of the reason why I started this blog. It’s something I’ve tried to do right from the very beginning. And that’s why I like the Happy Bag. I genuinely feel that it can help people who are struggling with a mental health issue. It’s never going to be the answer, but it’s a stepping stone in the right direction. It’ll hopefully help shift the notion that a mental health issue is just like a physical one. And that really is a great thing.

If you are interested in buying the Happy Bag, or maybe something else from the #BelieveinHappy range, then you can buy them on the Funky Pigeon website.


*Disclaimer* – I was sent this product for free to help promote the Believe in Happy campaign. All opinions are my own. Obviously.


I’m a 27 year old married father of one – soon to be two! I started blogging after suffering with postnatal depression when Isabelle was born. These days I just talk about my life as a dad.

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