Book Review: The Children’s Meditation In My Heart

Modern society is a stressful endeavour. It really shouldn’t be, what with all the technological advances we’ve had over the recent years you’d think life would be much easier. But somehow, we’re all a lot more stressed than we ever used to be. Personally, and I’m not backing this up with any research, I like to think that technology plays a rather large part.

Well, it’s not technologies fault. It’s entirely our own. But we’re that absorbed in it these days that our brains just don’t know what to think. More and more we need to take a step back and absorb ourselves as much as we can in the real world. This is why I like something like meditation.

Meditation is the perfect exercise to cement yourself in the now and be present with yourself, your thoughts and understand better exactly what you’re feeling.

It’s also something I feel incredibly strongly about teaching children. You can’t avoid technology these days, it’s just an inevitable part of modern life. But what you can do is give your children techniques and habits to help keep them present, and also not feel the need to be with all the devices every minute of the day.

So introduce The Children’s Meditation In My Heart, by Gitte Winter Graugaard

The Children's Meditation In My Heart being read to Isabelle

What About This Book?

This is basically a book that you can read with your child to help teach them about meditation in the form of visualisation to help bring about feelings of love.

There are elements to this book that may feel a little silly as you read them. After all, it does require quite a lot of visualisation, and those techniques have always been ones that you have to give yourself to fully in order for them to work. Fortunately, visualisation is something that children are very good at, so using these stories to help instil meditative practices will probably work quite well.

The first story in this book sees you journey into your child’s heart and essentially fill it with love, that love is then spread to the rest of their body. It can be used in the daytime, maybe to help bring on a sense of calm before doing something that may be stressful, or it can be used at night to help with the bedtime routine.

The second story talks about sending and receiving love. The idea being that once your heart is full of love, you can then pass those feelings on to others.

Isabelle reading the Children's Meditation in My Heart

The third story talks about a little cloud in the sky that is always full of love. This cloud is full of your love for your child, and is something that will follow them around. It’s a nice little way of giving your child something to use when you’re away from them and they feel stressed, upset, or they simply just miss you.

Finally, the fourth book  talks about sharing love with the universe. From the books own words, it aims to do the following:

The meditation has three general purposes. The first one is training your child’s ability to feel empathy and gratefulness. The second one is creating a feeling of being able to make a difference in the world by opening up one’s heart. The third purpose is creating a feeling of connectedness with the universe in your child.


The worst case scenario for this book is that it didn’t work for you, and you’ve just wasted a bunch of nights reading to your child about feeling, receiving and giving love. That’s hardly a bad thing now, is it? And the best case? You’ve given your child techniques to take into every day life about love and how to better send it to others. If they are ever in a stressful situation, you can bring back these stories, and the idea of the cloud, to help recreate the warm feelings they had when you read to them.

I’ll admit, that at this stage in my parenting journey this book is a little bit useless. Have you ever read to a 9 month old? When you do, this happens:

Just a baby chewing a book

That’s right. They chew the book. But this is something that I will read to her as she gets older, and something that I hope she can take on board. I think the messages taught in this book are incredibly useful for children, heck, they can even help adults. But you have to give them the chance that they deserve, and keep reminding your child of the lessons taught. Hopefully, if you keep it up, your child can be much better adapted to the stress that surrounds modern day life.

All in all, I give this book a solid 6/10. It’s good as a tool to teach meditation, but I can’t see it being much more than that. And I don’t feel that it creates a world in which a child will want to discover, but the mere fact it helps with mediation makes this a book I really feel like you should give a go.

Thanks for reading this, and if you’d like to purchase this book, you can do so on Amazon here. If you’re interested in reading more about meditation to help with mental health, then I have a post here.

I’m also holding a competition to win this book. Simply comment on the post below and I’ll pick two people to win a copy on the 8th of February! Good luck.


21 thoughts on “Book Review: The Children’s Meditation In My Heart

  1. Hello
    I’ve heard about this book from a support group im in on facebook.
    My 1yr old daughter has Down’s syndrome and from what people say this book is really good for teaching children about feelings etc….
    I would love to win a copy for Bella….. I think she is going to like stories!
    Thank you 😊


  2. This topic is something I have been focusing on for myself and have just started looking for tools to help teach to my young children. I would love a copy of this book for them! 💜☄💖


  3. It does sound like a lovely book, I’m trying to be more mindful and grateful in my daily life and it might be useful in introducing this idea to my wee one Alexander 💗


  4. I listen to meditation and relaxation everyday of my life and can honestly say, it has helped me immensely. I now have a gorgeous Grandson named Alistair and I would love to introduce him to this book. Thank you for the chance to win one. ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have found meditation a useful tool to help through stressful times and it definitely a skill I would like to pass on to my daughter. A book that introduces these ideas in an imaginative way would be useful!


  6. I am a profound believer in the powers of meditation and always ensure I take 10 minutes out of my day to meditate, to help me de-stress and wind down after the pressures of work and daily life. I would love to introduce this book to my daughter.


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