Ewan the Dream Sheep or MyHummy – Review of Which One to Buy

When it comes to white noise sleep aids, there are two main products that first come to mind. MyHummy and Ewan the Dream Sheep. The next question is which one should you buy? I’m going to break this into a few different categories and then pick which one is the winner. At the end of it, I’ll tell you whether I think you should go with MyHummy, or Ewan the Sheep. This is basically a little review of the two products. Let’s begin:

Myhummy sleepy head vs Ewan the dream sheep
Here’s the MyHummy Sleepy Head and Ewan the Dream Sheep

Ewan the Dream Sheep vs MyHummy: Cost

For some, this decision is simply going to come down to which product is the cheapest. Since cost is something that can change quite often, I’m going to use an Amazon link that will change if the price does. As of this writing, Ewan the Dream Sheep comes in at £29.99 and MyHummy’s cheapest option of the Sleepy Head, comes in at £28.88. MyHummy does in fact get as expensive as £54.46 for the Teddy Bear.

This is a nice simple one to pick a winner as there’s not much in the way of judgment. Since the price might change I’m not going to actually write which one the winner is. Since doing this post the vast majority of the time Ewan the Sheep has been the cheapest. But occasionally MyHummy is exactly the same price.

Winner: Ewan the Dream Sheep (or which ever one has the lower price, but it’s usually Ewan)

And here they are side by side:

Ewan the Dream Sheep vs MyHummy: Features

As you might expect, they both have very similar features. Of course they’re both basically white noise sleep aids. And as such, they both have an array of sounds for you to pick from. Ewan the Dream Sheep having four, and MyHummy having five. Not that it really makes much difference. We use MyHummy regularly and pretty much use the same sound all the time. But it is nice having the options and seeing what works for you.

I do find the sound better on the MyHummy, and every single sound on Ewan has a heartbeat. This does get a little more irritating than just having a constant white noise and is more aimed at newborn babies. It might be fine for the baby having a heartbeat, but when we have to listen to it all night too, I’d much prefer something that we also like.

Time Length of the Sound

The big difference maker for me with this one is the length in which the sound is made. Ewan the Dream Sheep lasts for a mere 20 minutes before shutting off abruptly. Meanwhile, MyHummy lasts for an hour, before gradually fading out. It also has a built in sensor that will restart if it hears a noise. I’ll admit that this is something that the deluxe version of Ewan the Sheep has and will set you back an extra £10.

MyHummy also has a 12 hour continuous mode, something I originally saw no point in, but is something we occasionally use.

Ewan the Dream Sheep also has a light, which MyHummy does not. But I don’t massively see the purpose of this. I understand that it’s to mimic the womb environment in some sense, but I wasn’t aware the womb had a pink glow to it anyway. And if you’re using this to help your baby get to sleep, then I don’t really see the purpose of a light.

MyHummy do also have a bluetooth version that enables you to control the white noise via your phone. It’ll even send you a notification if your baby whimpers or cries. It’s quite a useful feature, but one we wouldn’t need as we co-sleep. But I can certainly see the benefit of it. This is a feature that will set you back a little bit extra too.

As you can probably tell, it’s rather hard comparing these two products when they both have a bunch of variations of what they offer.

Winner: MyHummy

Ewan the Dream Sheep vs MyHummy: Design

I’m not going to lie, this is a tough one to call in terms of the look of the products. There’s a small part of me that should go with Ewan the Dream Sheep as I’m Welsh. So having a toy sheep only seems to make sense. But then I do really like all three of the MyHummy designs. The Sleepy Head is extremely simple, and if you’re after something small to attach to a cot or car seat, then it’s probably the best option. But if you’re after something a little more like a teddy bear, then they even have that option too, and with more choice.

With Ewan, it’s either a white sheep, or a purple one. So there’s not really much to offer in terms of variety of product.

I guess this one will just come down to your own personal preference. If you really like sheep, then you might just go with Ewan.


MyHummy also has the added benefit of being machine washable. You can just take the sound box out and wash the Sleepy Head itself. But with Ewan, all the wires are built in, so it would be a very bad idea to throw him in the washing machine. We’ve yet to actually wash our MyHummy in the 7 months we’ve been using it, but still, the option is there.

Winner: MyHummy

Ewan the Dream Sheep vs MyHummy: Overall

Ultimately, there’s not a massive difference between these two products. It’s a little hard to compare them fully as MyHummy are almost cheating by having three to pick from, all of which have variants. If you broke it down to just the Sleepy Head vs Ewan the Dream Sheep, then I’d still have to pick MyHummy though. Even if you compare it to the deluxe version of Ewan the Sheep.

For me it’s the 20 minute shut off that Ewan the Sheep has that really does hold it back. I also prefer the sound of MyHummy, which is a massive part since I have to listen to it too.

For me, I’m happy to pay the extra bit of money and go with the MyHummy Sleepy Head. It’s what we use every night, and to be honest, we use it less for Isabelle and more for ourselves these days. I really do fall asleep quite quick when this is turned on. If you want to read my take on the Sleepy Head, then I have in fact reviewed it.

Overall Winner: MyHummy

Well that’s it. For me MyHummy comes out on top. I think it’s a great product and it really has helped all of us to sleep much better. If you’re currently struggling with sleep, which I’m going to guess that you are by the fact you’re reading this post. Then give this a try. It worked for us and it might work for you. At the end of the day £30+ isn’t all that much to spend on a good nights sleep!

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