Review: MyHummy Sleepy Head

I’ll admit, when Rachel first told me she spent £40 on something that simply makes some white noise, it’s safe to say I was pretty sceptical.

The Myhummy Sleepy Head
Here it is, in all its peaceful glory

In my opinion, it was something that was simply being sold to overly panicked parents who wanted a quick fix for an easy night. It was something that I felt took a little bit of the parenting away. Rather than actually comforting your baby, you can just use this. And also, I have a Spotify account, ergo I have plenty of white noise albums for babies. Why spend £40 on something that I already have on my phone.

But, just like Jerry Orbach says in Dirty Dancing, when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. And thus far, it’s actually working.

Our MyHummy Sleepy Head in our next-to-me cot that we co-sleep with

I’ll admit that Spotify actually did work a little. The only problem with it being you have to play the white noise before your baby stirs, and being awake before that is quite difficult. MyHummy on the other hand starts playing when it hears the slightest noise. That not only includes your baby moving in their bed, but also you coughing, or sometimes even when you get up in the night for the toilet. Not that I see a problem with this heightened sensitivity as it’s probably needed to ensure it activates when your baby moves.

Before purchasing this, however, I would recommend that you play some white noise to see if you don’t mind falling asleep to it. Obviously if your baby is in a different room to you it’ll make no difference. But we co-sleep, and luckily we both don’t mind the noise, in fact, this actually helps me sleep too. Even if you don’t have a baby I’d actually recommend this. It even comes with a variety of different noises for you to pick from. At the moment, I’m really into the ocean waves sound. After a few minutes, without even realising, I find myself matching my breath with the sounds of the waves.



When the sound starts up, it lasts for 60 minutes, which I’d argue is probably too long, but it does give you and your baby plenty of time to drift into a deep sleep. You can also set it to play for 12 hours straight in their non-stop mode, which I’ll admit is a little excessive, but if you want that much white noise, then this really is for you.

There’s also the usual stuff you’d expect: volume control, removable device so it’s machine washable, a strap to attach to a cot or pram and then a few different sounds.

In total, they offer five to pick from. They are: ocean waves, rainfall, amniotic fluid with heartbeat (likely ideal for newborns), vacuum cleaner and hairdryer.

They’re all slightly different, but you’ll likely find one that suits you and your baby, and if not, and if it doesn’t even work at all, well then they offer you 30 days to decide if you don’t like it, in which case you can simply return it for a full refund. So if you’re sceptical, like I was, then feel free to give this a crack and see for yourself.


At the end of the day, £40 might be a little steep of a price tag, but it isn’t really that much for something that’s going to give you a better nights sleep. Let’s be honest, the night time with a baby is the time you want to be as easy as possible. If you can find something that gives you even a slight benefit, then that really is worth it.

Does she sleep through the night? No. But she’s a 21 week old, breastfed baby, we don’t exactly expect her to sleep through the night. But does it settle her down when otherwise my wife would be alerted to comfort her? Yes it does. All she does now is wake up when she actually wants a feed, and that’s all we could ask for.

All in all, I give this 7/10.

To buy yourself one of these and try for yourself to see if it helps, head over to the MyHummy website here.

If you want to watch an unboxing of the MyHummy Teddy Bear with a review, then here’s a video:

You can follow the blog on the Facebook page where I often run competitions to win things like this or even a MyHummy Teddy Bear. So stay up to date with that if winning stuff is something that interests you. I also have many other reviews if you want to read them.


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