We’ve Gone from the Baby Stage to the Toddler Stage

All of a sudden Isabelle has gone from a baby who is unable to walk, to a toddler who wants to do nothing but walk! We always knew that once she took her first independent steps, that would be it, she would want to do it all the time. And here she is, toddling about holding a potato that she stole from the cupboard. That sounds about right.

Our toddler walking with a potato

When Does a Baby Become a Toddler?

Well it only makes sense to me that a baby turns into a toddler when they start to toddle. It seems pretty straight forward when you think about it. And there’s no doubt that Isabelle is now toddling. She’ll randomly jump up form a squat and storm off into another room.

There are of course other things that count as a baby transitioning into a toddler. And perhaps we haven’t reached all of those quite yet. You could argue that she’s still really a baby, but I’m going to say this is the very early days of the toddler stage.

More and More “Oh Shit!” Moments

Now that we’ve entered the toddler stage we’ve also entered a whole new level of danger. Obviously having a baby who can now randomly totter off and thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to walk along the edge of the bed is going to create many more “oh shit!” moments. It also doesn’t help that Isabelle has been a dab hand at creating those moments without the added element of walking. She’s just going to up the ante slightly on this one.

It also doesn’t help that the girl is a bloody good climber. She’s even climbed directly into the bath for f**ks sake. And that’s despite the fact that the bath is almost at her eye level. We still don’t exactly know how she managed it.

Basically, I spend a lot of my time asking Isabelle “Is that safe?” to which she mentally says “Probably not, but screw it I’m doing it anyway!”

our little toddler before walking off
The face of a toddler that wants to find danger!

Having a Toddler Makes Parenting a Little More Fun

For me, having a toddler just makes this whole parenting thing even more fun. I understand that I’m currently in the novelty stage of this. I know it won’t be long before her antics wear thin on me and I’m annoyed at constantly saving her from some drastic sort of peril. But it’s still incredibly fun being able to go shopping and let Isabelle totter along beside us. It does take us a lot longer to get anything done, mainly because we don’t mind her exploring a bit, but that’s all part of the fun.

I always knew I’d find the first year or so hard. Maybe not as hard as it actually has been, but still difficult. A lot of that feeling came from the idea that you can’t really do a whole lot with a baby. It’s mostly just feed them, change them, let them twat about until nap time and then repeat. But the more and more Isabelle develops, the more and more things I can actually do with her. She’s slowly becoming what I consider to be a person.

I know that last sentence is at least a little bit stupid. Of course Isabelle is a person. But she’s not really, is she? She’s in that in between stage where’s she’s almost a person, but no longer this weird non-human thing that a baby is. Either way, you get my point.

All I can say is I’m really excited about seeing her develop from here. I know there will still be moments that I’ll find hard. Since she’s started having the odd tantrum I know those are only going to get worse. Maybe I’ll change my tune on enjoying shopping with her when she’s screaming about something stupid. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Basically what I’m trying to say is goodbye to the baby, and hello to the toddler!

Our toddler toddling into the room with her tooth brush

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