Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Stand

I’ve done a post about Ways to Help With Tummy Time, so since Isabelle is currently big into standing I thought I’d write a post about ways to help with that.

1. The Zone of Safety

I’m putting this up first as it’s by far my favourite. It’s one I’ve used a lot when I’m with Isabelle all day, and it’s one that I feel gives you a little bit of time to get something done whilst your baby is playing. It’s the Zone of Safety:

Zone of safety to help your baby to stand

There’s a few reasons I like doing this one, and one of the main ones comes from the angle of safety. Now, don’t get me wrong on this one, I’m not saying merely placing a bunch of pillows in a circle means you can swan off and go do something else. You still have to watch them. But we’ve had a handful of times where we’re literally next to Isabelle and suddenly she loses her balance, counter balances the wrong way and still falls to the floor. She does it that quickly sometimes that we don’t have time to catch her.

Setting the pillows up like this just gives them that extra support if you do happen to miss the catch and they fall to the floor. It also gives you the chance to make a coffee, or do something quick whilst they’re standing in the middle.

2. Putting Things Out of Reach

Much like with tummy time, putting things just out of reach can help encourage them to stand. If they want to climb up onto the sofa, then put something at the back for them to try and grab.

Baby reaching for a remote whilst standing

I’ll admit, that perhaps I like this one because I’m mildly sadistic and merely want to annoy Isabelle slightly by making her work for a particular toy, or in the above case, remote control. But it helps give them that encouragement to get up and get what they can’t quite grab. You can always put their toys on a coffee table, or some other low level but safe, item of furniture.

3. Climbing the Stairs

Sounds stupid and dangerous, but in fact it’s a great thing to do. The low height means that they can try and do a lot on their own, and it’s very easy to do safely, and in actual fact, there’s very little that can go wrong. Providing of course that you don’t leave them to it. Here’s Isabelle giving it a go:

Our baby climbing the stairs

These days Isabelle can get up there pretty quick. She’s very steady on the stairs, and has yet to even hint at falling backwards.What you can also do to help is simply place a hand by the step so they can push off that if they can’t reach up to the next step. It’s essentially putting another step in place for them to use.

Just please be behind them when they’re doing this. I don’t want to be blamed for a baby falling backwards down a set of stairs.


4. Buy an Activity Table

This one has been a massive help for us, and not only does it encourage standing, but it encourages your baby to shuffle along the table as they explore all that the table offers.

Here's our baby using an activity table

This also helps them develop better hand-eye coordination as they learn to play with the various things present on the table, and they get an excellent chance to annoy you with the repetitive music. I have the melody from the counting to ten song from this table lodged in my head to the point where sometimes I’m just sat there on my own singing it.

If you want to buy the above table, you can do so here. There are plenty of others available but that’s just the one we use.


Well, I think that’s it for now. I might have other ideas in the future, which if I do, I will try and come back and edit this. As for now, Isabelle is currently fascinated with her walker, and has suddenly realised it can be used for walking. What a surprise.

Have any other suggestions that worked for you? Feel free to comment below and let me know what else might work. Or you can find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you fancy going there.


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