We’ve Now Entered the Tantrum Stage of Our Parenting Journey

Well, all of a sudden we’ve hit the tantrum stage of the parenting journey. I’m well aware that this is a stage that is going to last for some time, but this is just the beginning. Here’s Isabelle right in the middle of a meltdown:

Just our baby Isabelle throwing a tantrum
Isabelle having a tantrum right after being told she can’t move the fridge

I’ve Realised That a Tantrum Can Be Really Silly

Tantrums were one of those things that prior to having a baby I assumed had a reason behind them. You take a toy off the child, they throw a tantrum. You say no to ice cream, they throw a tantrum. I guess I assumed there would be some logic behind it. Unfortunately I’ve been proven very much wrong on that one.

Obviously Isabelle still throws the odd tantrum that does have a reason behind it. Sometime she’ll grab the phone charger, or a battery and it’s understandable that she isn’t happy that she can’t have it. But then she has ridiculously silly moments where she’ll break down and cry because she can’t move the fridge somewhere else. No Isabelle, the fridge has to stay where it is. Not only does it have to stay where it is, but it’s built into the bloody kitchen units, so I can’t even move it if I wanted to.

She even has a poxy meltdown when we close the patio doors. It’s absolutely pissing it down outside and Isabelle wants nothing more than to sit outside in the rain. I’m always half tempted to go “Come on then Isabelle, let’s go sit in the rain” but I don’t think that’s really the best idea. The tantrums have even made their way over to the feeding part of the days too.

It’s Made Feeding a Lot More Interesting

One thing this tantrum stage has done is made feeding time a lot more interesting. Sometimes it’s hilarious. Other times it’s incredibly frustrating. Mainly because Isabelle is no longer always content with simply sitting in the high chair. You know, the thing it was designed to do. No. She’d much rather climb out and smudge her rear end across whatever it is we’re trying to feed her. Here she is standing in some spaghetti bolognese. Obviously.

Let her climb out of the high chair, or strap her in and have a tantrum?
Rachel attempting to tell Isabelle that it’s a bad idea to sit on the high chair

Of course, we could use the straps that come with the high chair. But that’s not very fun now is it? As soon as Isabelle knows she’s strapped in, and completely safe, she gets a little bit irritated. She obviously likes to live life on the side of danger, I’ve said that a million times before, and straps are just too safe for her.

I guess this is going to be our life for the next few years. Constantly finding the balance between letting Isabelle do what she fancies and not letting her do really stupid, excessively dangerous stuff.

I Know There’s Not Much You Can Really Do for a Tantrum

I’ve also very quickly realised that there’s not a whole lot you can do when a baby is having a tantrum. You can’t always avoid it. I know you really do have to take an opened bottle of shampoo off a one year old just as they’re about to drink it.

I know people like to try and give out some tips on what to do to deal with a tantrum. But I’m not going to do that. No chance. All we do is either redirect her attention, cuddle her, or occasionally sit there going “Why are you being so silly!”

Giving the baby a cuddle during a tantrum
Rachel comforting Isabelle during a tantrum

I’m Still a Naive Parent

I know I’m very naive and new to this whole tantrum thing. I understand that there are countless parents out there who have actual children who are reading this and laughing at me right now. You’re probably sitting there doing this:

Having a baby who has a mini meltdown for 20 seconds when you take something off her is hardly going to make life difficult. The majority of the time it’s rather funny. Well, as long as it’s not right at the start of an Aldi shop. That’s when life gets interesting. Having that “Oh god, not now” feeling is always a fun one to have. Hence why you’ll usually find me with something edible when we’re out and about with Isabelle. When in doubt, give them something to chew.

But I know this is probably the easiest that the tantrum life is going to be. Isabelle has literally just turned one, so we have quite a few years of this before it starts to die down. I know we’re going to have the screaming child because she wanted the blue plate and not the green one. But I’m actually looking forward to it. I have some ideas from the books I’ve read on how to deal with these tantrums. I also have a funny feeling that I’ll find that a lot of that is utter bollocks and I’ll just sit there going “THEY’RE BOTH THE SAME!”

There’s still plenty of fun to come.



I’m a 27 year old married father of one – soon to be two! I started blogging after suffering with postnatal depression when Isabelle was born. These days I just talk about my life as a dad.

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  1. TheTacoMom
    1st June 2018 / 3:36 pm

    We like to call tantrums “inability to cope with life”. In all honesty, it takes time for toddlers to learn how to handle disappointment (and how to learn what not to care about); that’s just the long and short of it. I love that you approach this stage with a healthy sense of humor!

    • isabloguk
      1st June 2018 / 8:30 pm

      Yeah, I think people easily forget how many little mental things that children have to learn. And you really do have to approach every aspect with some sense of humour otherwise you’ll really struggle!

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