White Noise Teddy Bear – Sleep Aid Toy With MyHummy

It wasn’t too long ago that I was moaning at my wife for buying a MyHummy Sleepy Head. I said it in that review, and I’ll repeat it here: I thought “It was something that was simply being sold to overly panicked parents who wanted a quick fix for an easy night.” I felt that it was something that you didn’t really need as you could just play white noise via something like your phone. But is your phone really the same as a toy, or in this case, a teddy bear?

Introducing the MyHummy Teddy Bear – a White Noise Toy for Children

I guess I should probably start off by answering a little question of why get another MyHummy product when we’re already successfully using the Sleepy Head? So let me just talk a little bit about our current situation with Isabelle.

As it stands, the only comforter Isabelle uses is my wife’s boobs. We’ve never given her a bottle, we’re not really fond of giving her a dummy, and Isabelle tends to only be able to nap whilst being on you, preferably whilst feeding. Not that we see this as a problem.

But as you can possibly imagine, these habits will make for a difficult transition when my wife goes back to work. That’s when I had a little idea. Why not combine the idea of having a teddy as a comforter, and put that with something that already helps her sleep in regards to the white noise. Introduce Pearl, the MyHummy Teddy Bear:

Does the White Noise Help with Sleep?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether white noise actually works. Well, I can gladly confirm, via both words and the picture above, that it does in fact help with sleep. I think it’s worked so quick because she’s already used to it. Since we’ve used the Sleepy Head, Isabelle already associates white noise with sleep. So using the teddy was always going to work quite quick.

From the Sleepy Head to the Teddy

All we’ve really done is transferred what we’ve done in the bedroom, to nap time. If you’ve never used white noise before for aiding with sleep, then chances are this will take a little bit longer for the association to be built. But it should come. I think people are too quick to put down a product like this because they don’t see immediate results. I understand, it can be frustrating when you pay all that money and don’t get any quick benefits. You just have to give it time. If you do, then there’s a strong chance you can reap the rewards. And if you’re still unsure, then simply try your baby with white noise via your phone and see how it goes, then maybe you can invest in something like this if you feel like it works.

But the main reason I love MyHummy is the sensor. It simply plays white noise for an hour, then gradually quietens down before stopping. If it picks up a slight noise, then it will resume with the white noise. Basically it’s listening out for your baby to see if they’re stirring and tries to help them get back to sleep. You can have it in 12 hour mode, which is something we do with the Sleepy Head. That way you don’t have to risk your baby waking when the white noise shuts off. But it’s all down to what works for you.

Is It Really Worth It?

I’ll be honest, this is a totally fair question. Is it really worth spending £59.99 on a product that simply gives off white noise? That’s not really for me to decide. But the mere fact you’re reading this does tell me that you might be looking for something to help your little one sleep. Do you have to go with the teddy bear? No. You can get the Sleepy Head. Which is slightly cheaper at £39.99. The only real difference between the two is that the teddy is a teddy. Sounds pretty obvious, but that’s it. The Sleepy Head is more for attaching to a cot or wherever they sleep. This to me is more for when a baby gets a little older and wants a buddy for nap time. At least that’s how I see it.

You also have the option of getting something like Ewan the Dream Sheep. If you want to see which one I prefer out of Ewan and MyHummy, then I’ve done a comparison.

We’re Very Happy with the MyHummy Teddy

We’re incredibly happy by the results we’ve seen thus far from using Pearl. Not only is she a teddy that Isabelle has genuinely shown affection too (which hasn’t happened since she met Flounder in Blackpool), but it actually helps her nap in the day, and that was the main purpose. Usually, when it’s around time Isabelle looks like she wants a nap, Rachel gets comfortable, settles down, and lets her sleep feed. But now, I can take Isabelle off and hold her and Pearl until Isabelle drifts off. I honestly think that this will make our life that little bit easier when Rachel does return to work, but only time will tell for that one. All in all, I give this a solid 7 out of 10!

The only reason I’ve knocked it down a little bit is down to the price. At the end of the day you can buy the Sleepy Head for £20 less and you essentially get the same thing.

Want to watch me unbox this and then review the teddy bear? Well do I have the video for you!

If you want to buy yourself one of these, then here’s Pearl, the one that we currently have, which you can get from Amazon, or even MyHummy directly at their shop.


*Disclaimer* – I was sent this item in exchange for this review. But the opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. June Lord
    4th January 2018 / 4:08 pm

    Thanks for the review, was an interesting read.

  2. Rachel Craig
    13th January 2018 / 12:55 am

    Nice prize. Please consider allowing competition entry via e-mail, blog comment, etc.

    • Ross Hunt
      13th January 2018 / 5:25 am

      The next one will be done via a different method, thank you 😀

  3. Tammy Neal
    14th January 2018 / 2:25 pm

    Would love one for my nephew I’ve heard good reviews about this xx

  4. Denni hartley
    14th January 2018 / 8:14 pm

    I’m currently ordering a MYHUMMY for my little boy who is nearly 2, he’s always been a good sleeper but the last 4/5 months he’s been having 1-2 hours a night and NO nap in the day so hoping MYHUMMY helps him sleep better.

    • Ross Hunt
      14th January 2018 / 8:21 pm

      It certainly worked for us! And if I’m honest, I’d probably still use the MyHummy for ourselves if Isabelle moved into her own room, it really helps us to go to sleep too!

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