Pumpables Milk Genie: Electric Breast Pump Review

Now that I’m back in work and I really want to keep up breastfeeding, expressing milk is something that’s going to be quite important. I’m a nurse, so when I’m in work I’ll be leaving Isabelle for just over 13 hours three times a week. In terms of milk, she’s going to need around 7oz for each day that I’m in – at least at first. That’s a lot of milk when you add it up. Fortunately, we were able to reach out to Pumpables and they kindly said they’d be willing to send out their Milk Genie electric breast pump in exchange for a review. So here we go with the review:

Pumpables Milk Genie Electric Breast Pump Review

When we first had this breast pump, the initial two days irritated the hell out of me. Nothing was being expressed and I was slowly getting more and more agitated.

I could hand express milk out but as soon as the pump was connected nothing happened. But that was all on me. For whatever reason, when we were setting the pump up the little tube was dented, thus restricting the suction. Ross, my husband, trimmed it slightly and checked the tube and before long it was actually working. So don’t be alarmed if this happens to you, just check everything is set up correctly. And if you are in doubt, Pumpables are great with their customer support if you do need assistance.

In terms of ease of use, this electric pump is incredibly easy. Once everything is connected, you just simply press the on button. Then it’ll either be in ‘massage mode’ or ‘express mode’, and you can change the mode, as you might have guessed, via the mode button. Pumpables recommend that you start off in massage mode to help trigger the ‘letdown’ which is basically the start of your milk flow. I’ll be honest, I don’t use this setting whilst in work. But that’s mostly because after roughly 12 hours of not being fed off, my boob is very much ready to go. But I do use it whilst expressing in the house.

What You Get With The Pumpables Milk Genie

This is essentially what’s in the box, although it does come with pretty much double of everything. An additional pump, tube, nipple shields, bottle, all of which I keep in work so I only have to take the actual Milk Genie itself. Which makes life so much easier!

It also has an array of different adaptors, so even if you’re ordering this from somewhere other than the UK, then they have you covered.

Electric breast pump: Pumpables Milk Genie
It’s basically double of everything you see here other than the machine itself

You can of course double pump with this too, but it’s not something that I really do as I keep the one boob for Isabelle for when I get home. And if I’m not pumping in work, then I’m pumping at night as she sleep feeds. But having this extra element can really help you get a good amount fairly quickly.

It’s About the Added Extras

It also comes with three different sized breast shields: 21mm, 24mm and 27mm. This allows for you to try the size that is best suited for you personally. Let’s face it. Not one size fits all and I think Pumpables hit the nail on the head with this product design. Unlike my manual breast pump, where I had to strategically play about with the placement in order to get it to work. With Pumpables, you find the correct size, attach it and off you go.

It’s also rechargeable. Meaning it can be quite portable as you don’t need to take a lot of stuff. And it’s not all that loud. I will admit that it does occasionally stir Isabelle slightly. She will open her eyes with a “why is that stealing my milk?” look to her face. But I dare say they’re limited as to how quiet they can make these as you need some noise for the suction.

Manual Pump vs Electric Breast Pump

I think the main reason someone would pick a manual pump against an electric breast pump is fairly obvious: it’s the price. And I completely understand. We held off on looking for an electric breast pump for so long as we didn’t really want to pay a lot of money for something that’s basically going to do the same job as our manual pump. But after using this, I couldn’t care less about the price. I would pay the £108 in a heartbeat!

For the last few months I’ve slowly built up a supply in the freezer. Each night I’d sit down and pump for roughly an hour and maybe get 3oz. THREE! That’s it. But using an electric beast pump? In work I got 5oz in roughly 6 minutes! And that was on my left boob, which, for whatever reason, I could never get anything with a manual. So I can see why someone might be put off by the price, but it’s all about whether that money is worth something that’s far more efficient.

Here’s a photo of the 5oz that I quickly got whilst in work:

Using the Pumpables Milk Genie electric breast pump whilst in work

Summing up Using an Electric Breast Pump

This electric breast pump has been one of the best baby products that we’ve had. It’s very neat, compact and easy to use. It’s great that there’s double of everything and the online support you can have is an added bonus. Since we’ve had the product they’ve been on hand and available via Facebook messenger and have plenty of support available on their website via their blog. On there you can find articles for tips for pumping more milk, advice on breastfeeding in general and how to select the right nipple shield for your pump.

It also has a memory mode. Meaning you can set up what works for you, and the next time you use it it’ll do exactly the same! Which does make life that little bit easier.

All in all, I’d give this a 9/10! If you’re struggling with pumping, or it takes too long with a manual pump, then I truly believe you should give this one a go! You can purchase the Milk Genie on Amazon:

Or you can also purchase the Milk Genie electric breast pump via the Pumpables website here.


*Disclaimer* – I was sent this item in exchange for this review. But the opinions are entirely my own. The above link to Pumpables is also an affiliate link. So I will earn a small amount of money off any purchases made via that link.

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  1. pumpables
    12th September 2018 / 10:39 am

    Rachel this is a great review! I love the ‘waking up to check who’s stealing the milk’ bit. Lol! So happy this is working for you and congrats on surviving working, pumping + breastfeeding!

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