Avoiding Negative Association With a Baby

The other day Ross decided to shave his hair off. Ok, so it’s not that dramatic. It’s not as though he had hair down his back. And he only went with a number three all over, so he’s not bald. But to Isabelle, it was a huge difference. I think it’s safe to say she didn’t like it. But luckily Ross knew enough about avoiding a negative association by letting Isabelle come to him in her own time. Here he is with his new hair: Isabelle spends time with Ross everyday. Obviously. Yet something so simple as a haircut had…

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Isablog #27 – Feelings of Baby Regret & Getting Sick From the Baby

If you read this blog regularly, which if you do then a big thank you, I can’t believe you keep coming back, then you’ll know that last week Isabelle wasn’t very well. Unfortunately, that little bit of sickness managed to transfer all the way into me. Yay! And the best part about all of it? It all started during the Superbowl! I know I did a post last week where I talked about not being as bothered by the NFL as I used to be, and I’d be fine with missing some of it if Isabelle needed me, but I…

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Baby Standing: Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Stand

Having your baby standing is one of the big baby milestones that most parents are excited to reach. After this it won’t be long before they’re walking and that’s where the real fun begins! So I’m here to give you X ways to help encourage your baby to stand! Ways to Help Encourage Your Baby to Stand 1. The Zone of Safety I’m putting this up first as it’s by far my favourite. It’s one I’ve used a lot when I’m with our baby all day, and it’s one that I feel gives you a little bit of time to get…

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Our Week With a Sick Baby

Well for the first time in Isabelle’s nine months of being alive, she’s been ill.

Ok, she’d had the odd cold before, but this time she was actually ill. Well, not massively ill. But Tuesday night, after a few hours of us not thinking she was ‘quite right’ she opted to throw up all over me. Don’t worry, in true modern day it’s-all-about-equality fashion, she also threw up on Rachel. No one can ever say she isn’t about gender equality.

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Stay-at-Home Dad: My First Week as a SAHD

I’ve title this “My Week as a Stay-at-Home Dad” but what it really should be called is “My Single Week of Doing All the Stuff That My Wife Has Done for the Past 8 Months But With Added Moaning” but I felt that would be a slightly long winded title.

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