Thinking About My Daughters Digital Footprint

When I started this blog, I didn’t really think about my daughter’s digital footprint. Maybe it was because I didn’t expect that I would actually keep blogging, or perhaps it just wasn’t on my mind. But since I’m very much looking at making this a permanent thing, and since it is growing, I thought it would be best that I thought about what this blog might mean for her, and more importantly, her unconsented digital footprint. What Is a Digital Footprint? As you can probably guess, I post photos of my daughter online. Lots in fact. Every time I do…

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How Not Dressing a Girl in Pink Promotes Gender Stereotypes

I sometimes dress our baby girl in pink. According to some people, by dressing her in this colour I’m reinforcing outdated gender stereotypes. Some minister via the Independent even went as far to say “dressing your daughter in pink and buying her ‘girly’ toys damages the future of our economy.” Before I carry on with this post, I will admit that I am being slightly facetious with what I’m about to say. I have my tongue firmly in my cheek and there’s a part of me that’s just playing devil’s advocate. So chill out. I’m just trying to look at things…

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Thinking About Having a Second Child

We’re fast approaching Isabelle’s first birthday. And since it’s actually Sibling Day, which is another random day that people like to have, I thought it would be a good time to flesh out my thoughts on possibly creating a second child. When’s the Right Time? I’ve talked to a lot of people about babies since becoming a parent. It’s almost inevitable that you do. But everyone seems to have different opinions on when’s the best time to have the second child. Some say it’s better to get all the hard work out of the way early, and have them close…

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The Transfiguration of Jesus by Raphael – Talking About Jesus on Easter

Well this is a slightly different post to usual. But since it’s Easter, I thought I’d actually talk about Jesus! So I’m basically going to talk about Jesus via a painting that we have in our house. It’s the Transfiguration by Raphael. I’ll admit that this is a slightly random print to have, especially for non-religious people, but we do have our reasons. Here it is: The Transfiguration I love this painting. We first saw the Transfiguration when my wife and I went to Rome. It was our first holiday abroad together as just the two of us and, like…

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How We Survived Financially During Maternity Leave

Surviving the big financial drop whilst going on maternity leave is a legitimate money worry for many parents. When we started trying for a baby my wife got pregnant very quickly. It took us a mere six weeks. And as a result, we lost a bit of money. My wife is a nurse with the NHS. When we put the dates together after she got pregnant, it meant that she missed out on the NHS maternity pay by five weeks. FIVE WEEKS! If we had our daughter a little bit later we would’ve been roughly £3000 better off. So we had…

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