Whisbear Review: The Humming Bear White Noise Toy to Help with Sleep

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you’ve had a few rough nights with the baby and you’re looking for something that might help. They suddenly won’t settle, and your nights are seemingly getting worse and worse. At least that was the case for us when we first started using white noise products around this time last year. And that might very well be the reason you’ve arrived at this post looking up reviews for the Whisbear.

My daughter asleep with the Wihsbear and its white noise

First up, Do White Noise Products Actually work to help with Sleep and Does the Whisbear work?

Before I even talk specifically about the Whisbear itself, I’ll ask the question that you really want answered when looking for reviews. Does white noise help to get a baby to sleep? And does it help settle them when they arouse? It doesn’t matter which product on the market you’re looking at, these questions will remain the same for each one. And if you’re really struggling in the night with sleep, then these are the only questions you care about getting the answers to.

Our toddler asleep with the Whisbear. All part of my review on whether or not it works to help get a baby to sleep
Our daughter after waking from a nap and falling back to sleep with the help of the white noise. Don’t judge me on the clothes, she looks awesome!

In short, I think the answer is yes. We’ve been using white noise products since my daughter was roughly 5 months old. She’s currently 17 months old and we still use them. Not only do I find them an effective way of helping her get to sleep, but I think they also help her when she starts to fidget and almost wake up. The photo above was taken after she sat up, grabbed the bear, continued to hear the white noise and drift back to sleep.

I also feel they help my wife and I too. Since we still co-sleep with our daughter we’ll have the Whisbear in bed with us. Sometimes it’s hard to get to sleep as a parent even when you’re absolutely shattered. But I can honestly say that white noise has massively improved my own sleep. Irrespective of whether this helps our daughter, I would still continue to use products like Whisbear if she moved into her own room. They can easily put me to sleep in 5-10 minutes almost every single night. And that’s a huge win.

What Separates the Whisbear From other Products on the Market

Whether you’re looking at Ewan the Sheep, Ollie the Owl or MyHummy, white noise products are something that I feel helps with sleep. The next question is what actually separates the Whisbear from those other products on the market?

In essence, there isn’t a massive amount that separates Whisbear from something like MyHummy. They both have sleep sensors – in fairness, all of the products do now – and they both emit a fuzzy noise, again, that’s the same with all of them. Whilst MyHummy emits white noise, and has 5 different ones to choose from, Whisbear emits pink noise and only has the one to select.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that your next question might be what’s the difference between pink noise and white noise? And it’s a good question. To me, it seems like there is little to no difference. Listening to them side by side I can’t really tell which would be which. But according to some sleep experts, pink noise is more effective in helping with sleep. If you want to read more on the use of white noise, then Whisbear have an article on just that subject.

I also really like the way that the Whisbear is designed in the sense you can easily hold it whilst also holding the baby. The way it’s designed with the four legs means you can put two over your arms and it will rest nicely on your forearm whilst you rock the baby to sleep too.

The Whisbear is more than just a Sleep Aid – It’s Sensory play too!

Now this is going to be both a slight criticism and a compliment of the Whisbear. Unlike other products on the market, the Whisbear acts not just as a sleep aid, but something your baby can play with for sensory play too. As you might notice, the Whisbear has brightly coloured legs and two of those legs also crinkle to add something for the baby to grab and play with.

Is Sensory play a good idea for a sleep aid toy?

I’m still unsure whether or not this is actually a good idea or not. Part of the reason I’ve found success with white noise products in the past, is the association that they hold with sleep. When my daughter sees one of our white noise products, she sees it as something she naps with. So when I pick her up and give her the teddy, she’s more likely to think “oh, it’s nap time, let’s go to sleep.”

My issue with the sensory play idea on the Whisbear is that perhaps the baby will associate it more with play time than nap time. Therefore when you bring the Whisbear out, maybe the baby will get the wrong idea and become more aroused and more difficult to get to sleep.

You also have the added potential problem with the crinkly legs. When a baby is finally asleep every single noise becomes overly emphasised. You hear a creek in the floor and it feels like someone just dropped a piano through the ceiling. So having something that literally crinkles next to your baby does make you slightly worried that it will wake them up. Fortunately this hasn’t been the case thus far, but perhaps it might be for sensitive sleepers.

Whilst I might have some doubts about these added extras I think it’s good that Whisbear have found something to separate themselves from other products on the market. So you have to at least give them credit for standing out a bit more.

Finally, Is it Really worth the money?

This is never really a question I like to answer as it all depends on what you want to spend. You also have to ask yourself how much you want to part with in exchange for a good nights sleep. We all waste plenty of money when we look at our spending. Let’s be honest, having a lack of sleep is the worst. If we can find something that even gives us an extra half hour we’d throw our bank cards at it. So if spending a little bit on something like this works out for you, then it’s worth every single penny.

I will admit that you could skip buying something like the Whisbear and just use a white noise machine or play white noise albums via Spotify on your phone. But that’s hardly the same as having a soft bear to cuddle up with now is it?

As of this writing, the Whisbear is currently Check on Amazon on Amazon. That’s a price link, so it should change when the price does and remain accurate.

If You want to purchase a Whisbear

If you are looking for something to help settle your baby and help them sleep, then perhaps this is exactly what you’re looking for. In all honesty, the main thing that separates all of these products on the market is personal preference. If you want something that looks like a sheep, go with Ewan the Sheep, if you want an owl go with Ollie, if you want a teddy then you have MyHummy and Whisbear. It all depends on what you prefer in terms of design and how much you’re willing to spend. You can purchase the Whisbear via the following affiliate link:

Alternatively, if the Humming Bear version of the Whisbear range is slightly out of your price range, then you can also buy their Humming Bird! It’s effectively the same thing just a little bit smaller and perhaps more convenient for using on the go. If you just want something cuddly that makes white noise but is a little bit cheaper then it might be ideal.

If you want to find out any more information on the Whisbear then you can do so via their website.

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Whisbear Review: The Humming Bear White Noise Toy to Help with Sleep


*Disclaimer – we were sent the Whisbear in exchange for this review. But all opinions are entirely my own. This article also contains affiliate links.

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