Utama Spice Review: The Danau Defuser

I’m not going to lie, I actually love a good defuser. Back when I was struggling more with depression I used to use a defuser quite often whenever I did yoga or I meditated. The main issue I found with defusers and oils I’ve used in the past, was that they either became overpowering or they didn’t really smell that good. So when Utama Spice reached out to us offering to send us their Danau defuser, we were looking forward to what this one might be like. Here it is before we unpacked it:

Utama Spice Danau Defuser

Utama Spice Review: The Danau Defuser

Utama Spice: The Positives

A lot of defusers cover up what’s going on inside and just have a hole at the top to let the scent out. But Utama Spice have gone for something a little bit different. Instead, you have all the action happening within the glass. You can watch the glass chamber fill and then the stream of scented air come out the little flute on the top.

Some might prefer that everything is covered up, but I actually quite like the design on this one.

The Danau Defuser from Utama Spice
The Danau Defuser from Utama Spice

The Smell

A defuser can look as good as it wants, but it’s ultimately going to come down to what it smells like. Obviously this is going to depend on what oils you buy for your defuser. But Utama Spice also provide those too. They don’t have a massive range of oils to select from, and a lot of what they have on offer I’m clueless to what they would even smell of. So we played it safe and went with orange and lemon.

Once I added the oil and turned the defuser on, it really didn’t take long before I started to smell an almost sherbet lemon scent. It was quite light and not overpowering like some oils and defusers have been that we’ve used in the past.

If you’re after something that looks quite stylish, then the Danau defuser doesn’t disappoint. Whilst I’m not going to pretend I’m Mr. Fashion when it comes to knowing what’s ‘in style’ for your home. I do know that I like the look of this.

Utama Spice: The Negatives

One thing I will say about the Danau defuser, which isn’t really a negative, is how delicate the glass chamber feels. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like it. I just feel like it wouldn’t take a whole lot to inadvertently break it. And when you have a toddler running around the house there’s always that risk. But you can purchase a replacement chamber if anything does happen.

Other than that I guess I could criticise the fact it comes with an American plug adaptor. But since this is an international product, they’ve also provided you with a USB so that issue is easily rectified and basically a mute point. All you need is a USB plug – which most of us will have due to our phones – and you’re good to go.

The other possible negative aspects of Utama Spice, as hinted to above, is the range of oils available.

Essential Oils

When looking on the Utama Spice website for oils to go with the Danau defuser I was struggling to find ones I wanted. That’s mainly because it’s rather hard to select an oil that you can’t smell and have no idea what it is. I’m clueless as to what bergamot is or what it smells like. The same can be said for cajeput, cananga and citronella. Luckily I know exactly what orange and lemon smell like – I’m not that stupid – so we went for those.

Utama Spice Essential oils

Of the essential oils that I do know: lavender, clove, mint, tea tree and a few others, they’re not really something I’m massively fond of the smell of. But I dare say out of the 13 essential oils they have on offer you’ll be able to find something that you want to try. After smelling the two we bought we would be more likely to try a few others out since we liked these so much.

They’re also a little bit expensive. At $14.99 per essential oil – roughly £12 thanks to a poor exchange rate – I can see why you might look elsewhere to get your oils even if you did buy the Danau defender from Utama Spice.

It’s also a little bit of a hassle to clean out. But then I’m just rather lazy when it comes to this stuff. Our previous defusers have just required a quick swill with some water, so this one does require a bit more work, but in reality it’s not really that hard. Here’s a video from Utama Spice showing you how it’s done.

Overall, We’re Rather Impressed with the Utama Spice Danau Defuser

I know there’s probably not too much you can mess up with when it comes to a defuser. But I really do like what Utama Spice have with the Danau defuser. I really like the stylish sleek design and the two oils that we used weren’t overpowering but still filled the air with a pleasing scent that lasted.

If you would like to purchase a Danau Defuser from Utama Spice then you can do so via their website. It will set you back $54.99, which is roughly £42, so it’s a little more expensive than some budget defusers you can buy on Amazon. But then if you like the design it’s worth the price.

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Utama Spice Review The Danau Defuser - this is a review of the Danau defuser from Utama Spice. You might have been able to guess that from the image and the title


*Disclaimer* – I was sent this item in exchange for this review. But the opinions are entirely my own.

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