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Couch to 5K Week 4: Staying the Same with My Weight Despite an Extra Run

Couch to 5K Week 4: Staying the Same with My Weight Despite an Extra Run

Well I may have struggled for week 4 but I’ve managed to complete my runs. And that’s including my extra one that I missed last week. In total I’m currently running for 16 minutes – albeit intermittently – and managing it quite well. The first run is still the hardest but by the time that last run comes I feel amazing! Like I can just keep going. I didn’t think I’d say this a few weeks ago, but this Couch to 5K has been rather enjoyable!

Me after my Couch to 5K week 4
Not sure if this is the face of someone enjoying running – but I do

Week 4: Back up to Date with My Couch to 5K

I’ve only had one day in work this week due to booking time off for a wedding. It gave me plenty of days to be able to add that extra missed run from last week but I did allow my diet to go out the window. Completely and utterly. I partly blame Ross for that. It doesn’t help when he’s had a little more of a sweet tooth lately – so much for him being all about health – and when your partner eats poorly it kinda bleeds into your diet too.

It wasn’t just the diet I struggled with this week. I really struggled mentally with Friday’s run. There was absolutely no motivation to go. I knew I’d feel so much better for actually going, and I love the feeling when I’m there, but I just had no motivation to go. Lately I’ve even started going for my runs on my own due to the fact Isabelle doesn’t always like to go. But on Friday I needed Ross and Isabelle with me for a bit of motivation to just get out and go. I think sometimes when you know you’re about to do something physically difficult, there’s something inside you that tells you not to bother. Here was what I was looking at doing:

The runs for Week 4
Here’s the break down for the runs for week 4

Weight Loss for the Week: Stayed the Same

I think going to the wedding didn’t help. It’s nice every now and then to slip and allow yourself to eat what you want. The only problem is once you start that slip it’s hard to stop. So it wasn’t really a surprise when I stepped on the scale at the end of the week and saw that I remained the same. Was I disappointed? Not really. I know I did the extra run, so you’d think I’d be hoping for a loss. But at the end of the day your diet plays a massive part in your weight. Hopefully I’ll do better next week.

I also think exercise is so different for everyone; everyone has their own goals, motivation and capability. But if you want to do something just start small and increase it week by week or however you wish. You know yourself. There’s no point in setting the bar too high. Just see yourself as a long term project. It’s about incremental, positives changes that strive towards a long term end goal.

The best part is just getting out for 30 minutes in my own head, as I said last week there is something really peaceful about running. Maybe it’s where I run. It’s not a busy city, a crowded park or cramped gym. It’s peaceful idyllic nature. It’s just me and the sound of my own steps and there’s something that I really love about that.

Using a Hydration Belt

Ross also bought this hydration belt this week for his upcoming ultra challenge. I stole it for this week and it’s actually been rather helpful! Not having to hold my phone and a bottle has been a little bit easier, but it’s not like that was a real challenge.

Lava Activ hydration belt

If you’re serious about getting into Couch to 5K then I really would recommend using something like this belt. I only used because Ross had it lying around anyway, but it’s proven quite handy!

Next Week Looks Like it Might Be Quite Difficult

Week 4 was all about getting back on track with my runs. This coming week is about getting back on track with my diet. I’ve meal planned for the week and planned my runs as usual. This way I can be prepared. With Isabelle it is a bit harder to be off the cuff with food. I’ve always struggled with lunches. I never know what to have and Isabelle wakes up from her nap and virtually has food straight away. So it’s nice to have something readily available. Even if it’s just a bowl of fruit, I need to try and eat something for lunch.

I’m really apprehensive about next week. I’ve had a little nose on the couch to 5K app for next week, and it’s very different to what I’ve done so far. The last 4 weeks has had the same run/walk sequence to complete three times each week. Whereby next week has a different sequence and length for each run so the third run is a 20 minute run in one go!

I know it’ll be a struggle. Hey, I might even surprise myself and be able to complete it. I know for the final part of each run sequence I feel like I can go for longer and most of the time I do. But a continuous 20 minute run is quite daunting. After all I am not a runner – and I’m not exactly keen on exercise – but somehow I continue to find this experience quite peaceful.

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Couch to 5K Week 4: Staying the Same with My Weight Despite an Extra Run



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