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Couch to 5K Week 3: Another Weight Loss Despite Missing a Run

Couch to 5K Week 3: Another Weight Loss Despite Missing a Run

Every week I’m more surprised that I’m still sticking to this Couch to 5K. Unfortunately, this week hasn’t been so great though. I will hold my hands up, I’ve only managed two runs but I have managed to keep to my diet – well, aside from the few Lindor chocolates we bought last weekend – Oops! Although I still managed a weight loss, so maybe Lindor isn’t actually that bad? Or maybe I’m being hopeful. Either way, here’s my Couch to 5K week 3!

First Time Missing a Run

For this week I’ve mainly struggled with time. I’m a little limited to when I can do my runs as I’m not up for going for a run after working 12.5 hour shifts. But I applaud the people who do. I’ve been in work more this week and my only other day to do my run I spent nearly 4 hours trying to sort out our garden. After that I was well and truly knackered! I ached in places I didn’t even think was possible. Who has an aching neck? So I’m slightly behind but with next week off work I’ll make up for it with 4 runs – at least that’s the plan.

Still Managing a Weight Loss

Weight Loss for the Week: 2.5lb Loss

I have lost another 2.5lbs which brings me to a stone in total in 3 weeks! I’m pretty happy with that weight loss so far, and I’ve probably lost more than I would’ve expected. I’ve always said that I can only get so far with a diet and exercise would really help accelerate the weight loss, but I’ve never lasted with the motivation to do it. I said last week that I saw a change in my hipsand I think they’ve changed again this week, which is nice to see. I think when you physically start to see the differences in your body, and not just see the weight loss on the scale, it really helps with the motivation.

Couch to 5K Week 3 Gets a Little More Difficult

This weeks runs have been harder in the sense that the running durations are longer. But I’m pleased that I’ve stopped clock watching the timer so much when I’m running, I just wait for the voice to tell me when to start and stop. I’ve also noticed that I can run for longer than the time I have to which is quite nice, and will hopefully mean I’ll be ok when this does get even harder.

It’s always the first run that’s the hardest. The last one I feel like I could carry on; I actually often do for a few extra minutes at the moment almost as a test to myself that I can do it. It doesn’t help that the route I’ve picked has a lovely steep incline for the 5 minute warm up and just as it flattens out the running starts so it’s already tiring from the get go. 

Running also brings some sort of peace in my head; no distractions, just my own thoughts for that half hour with no responsibilities of being a mum, or a nurse on A&E. I never thought I would ever consider running something that is calming, but it really is quite serene running through the trees.

Well that’s it for my couch to 5k week 3! I’m really hopeful I can get back on track next week, continue the weight loss and keep enjoying the running. Feel free to stay tuned to see! And if you haven’t given this a try yet then I would really recommend that you do!

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Couch to 5K Week 3: Another Weight Loss Despite Missing a Run - I actually missed a run this week but still managed a weight loss

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