Couch to 5K Week 4: Staying the Same with My Weight Despite an Extra Run

Well I may have struggled for week 4 but I’ve managed to complete my runs. And that’s including my extra one that I missed last week. In total I’m currently running for 16 minutes – albeit intermittently – and managing it quite well. The first run is still the hardest but by the time that last run comes I feel amazing! Like I can just keep going. I didn’t think I’d say this a few weeks ago, but this Couch to 5K has been rather enjoyable! Week 4: Back up to Date with My Couch to 5K I’ve only had…

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Actimel: The Benefits of Probiotics For My Gut Health

Prior to looking into probiotics, Actimel was something that I never really gave much thought to. Like most people, I just assumed it was another overpriced yogurt based drink and didn’t know if there was any real Actimel benefits. I was pretty skeptical and asked the same question of “does Actimel work?” like other people likely ask. But recently I’ve found that incorporating as many sources of probiotic in my diet as I can, is crucial to my gut health, and my overall health in general. What Does Actimel Do? Actimel effectively works in the same way that all other…

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Wanting to be Healthier for the Sake of My Daughter

Weight. We all have hang ups. Things we don’t like about our bodies; the way they look, the marks, blemishes or the scars. I’m not the first person to say I don’t like my own body and I won’t be the last. I don’t like my legs, my stomach, my arms. I don’t really like my body in general if I’m honest. Do I make any effort to change the way I look? Honestly. Not really. Would I like a magic wand to just zap myself to how I want? Wouldn’t we all given the chance? But I just don’t…

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