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Our Month In Photos: December – Isablog

Our Month In Photos: December

I’ll be honest, this is actually a backdated post. I initially started this “Our Month in Photo” thing for January, but seeing as we bought the camera before Christmas, and used it quite a lot around then, I thought I’d do this for December too! So here are five photos that me and Rachel both love from December. It was pretty hard cutting it down to five, but I don’t want this to be too much of a silly post. Here we go:

“The Christmas Family Photo”

Our Christmas Family Photo 2017

You might already recognise this one. If you just scroll up to the top of the page you’ll see that it’s currently the header for the website. As you can probably imagine, I love this photo as it contains everyone in the house that I love and feel like I have to protect. We all actually currently share a bed. That’s right, even the dogs. I love the idea of all of us being in the same bed as I feel it’s what would’ve happened back in the caveman days, and I’m a big fan of keeping things close to our evolution. But this is just your typical family Christmas photo, and one that will be fun to look back on in a few years time when we’ve got quite a lot more to compare it with.

“Baby’s First Christmas”

Opening presents with the baby on Christmas Morning

It wouldn’t be a December photo post without at least one picture of someone opening presents on Christmas morning. So here’s me and Isabelle opening what appears to be a book, the Nutcracker I believe, that she will likely want to eat rather than read. Give it time, Isabelle, we can read it together at a future Christmas. If you want to read more about our first Christmas then you can do so here.

“Strike a Pose!”

Baby posing for a photo shoot

I don’t know about you, but me and Rachel find this photo hilarious! I think I just caught Isabelle in the right moment where she suddenly looks like she’s doing a bikini shoot and is pouting to the camera. It’s brilliant! And is the perfect reason why I love to take so many pictures. You can always delete a picture, but you can never retake it.

“Look What I Got, Ralph!”

Activity table being used by the baby and the family

So here’s Isabelle playing with her new activity table that she got for Christmas. And for some reason one of our sausage dogs, Ralph, wants to play too! It’s a shame that Elsie, our eldest and first ever girl, wants to bite him and play on the floor.

“Me and Pearl are going for a ride!”

Pearl the MyHummy Teddy Bear and our baby Isabelle

Here’s one of Isabelle and her best buddy Pearl, the MyHummy Teddy Bear, riding a rocking ‘horse’ which is technically a giraffe. It just shows off the fun side of Christmas with children, even if Isabelle is 8 months old in this shot, but it’s still about having fun together and enjoying the stuff you’ve had for Christmas. Or is it not about the presents? If the Grinch taught me anything then it’s “Maybe Christmas, he thought…doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps…means a little bit more!”

Well that’s it. That’s December all wrapped up in the form of photos (with some words, of course). If you want to see what happened next month, then feel free to have a look at January.



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