Isablog #21 – Going Through Another Leap & Happy New Year

I have no idea what leap six is, but apparently Isabelle is currently going through it.

Rachel really likes to use this thing called The Wonders Weeks. It’s not something I’ve really looked at too much, and it does cost you £1.99, but thus far it has been a very valuable tool in predicting when Isabelle will be going through leaps. And as such, a lot of her normal patterns, especially the night ones, will be disrupted.

According to the app, this current leap is called the World of Categories, and by the end of this leap, Isabelle might be able to do some of the following:

  • Shows that she knows some words
  • Makes it clear she finds something dirty
  • Imitates adults
  • Recognises herself in the mirror
  • Exaggerates her moods
  • plays peek-a-boo by herself
  • Challenges others to play a game
  • Calls for a song (ie. by clapping her hands)
  • Begins to practice crawling

I’ll start this off by saying they’re a little off with the crawling one. Isabelle doesn’t practice crawling, she darts full speed across the room to try and pull the WiFi extender out of the wall. Bad Isabelle. WiFi is very important and you shouldn’t mess with it.

I’m bored of crawling, dad, give me something to climb!

Of course, they’re going to be slightly inaccurate with some of these things, and every baby develops at a different pace with different skills. I don’t really pay too much attention as to when Isabelle should or shouldn’t be doing something. I think I did a little more at the beginning, but that was more out of curiosity, rather than actually caring.

Why I Like This App

The great thing about this app is that it helps to take away all the self doubt about what you’re doing as a parent. Instead of questioning everything that you do with your baby, you simply go “ah, they’re going through a leap,” and accept that they’re going through a fussy phase, or a storm cloud, and that it won’t be long before they’re out the other side.

You wouldn’t think that it would actually be that accurate, and I dare say that it’s not always spot on. But on the day that Isabelle was due to start leap 6, which was Christmas Eve, she was up at 3am and was fussy as predicted. Rather than getting agitated, we simply went “there we go, there’s the start of leap 6.”

I think it’s also incredibly beneficial to those who are breastfeeding; the app even says that many mothers are fed up with breastfeeding during this leap. A lot of this comes down to the fact that the baby will nag a lot more and of course be fussier in the night, this is partly down to the fact that they may have nightmares at this stage, as well as all the cognitive development. But knowing that the leap will come to an end, and roughly when that will happen, gives you some sense of reassurance.

Luckily for us, we still co-sleep. And whilst Isabelle has been harder work in the night, Rachel and I still remain in bed, with the lights off for the entire night. So whilst our sleep is a little more disrupted, it isn’t as bad as it would be had she been in her own room. Oh how I love co-sleeping!

New Year’s Eve

As you can imagine, we won’t be staying up until midnight to welcome in the New Year. In saying that, there is still a strong chance we may be awake at midnight, but that won’t be down to choice. No, that will be because Isabelle wants to welcome in the New Year in the form of a nightmare and a servery high pitched voice. Anyway, here are some tweets from today. If you want to follow me on Twitter, then now is your chance!

Suffice to day, we had a pretty fun New Year’s Eve!

That Does it for 2017

That’s all for this week, well, and for the year I guess. Apologies that this post sounds more like an app review than a weekly blog post, but that’s what has been happening this week. All that’s left now is to say Happy New Year, and I’ll see you in 2018!

Happy New Year


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  1. 7th January 2018 / 9:32 pm

    My eldest boy used to say truck very loudly outside, whenever he saw one.. the problem was he couldn’t really pronounce tr… and instead said fff.. cue me saying very loudly it’s…truck Alexei (laughing in my head and feeling mortified at the same time) 🙂

    • Ross Hunt
      7th January 2018 / 9:42 pm

      That would be hilarious, but probably a little awkward! I wouldn’t mind, Rachel wouldn’t like it though 🙈

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