To The Mother of Our Daughter on Mother’s Day

Since it’s Mother’s Day, and this is in fact our first Mother’s Day as this little family, I thought I’d write a post about the most important mother in my life, and that’s my wife. The Mother of Our Daughter No matter what happens from here on out, Rachel and I will always be connected. I can’t say that we’ll be together forever. I know that people change and things happen. As of this writing, I would love for it to happen. But I all I can guarantee is that Isabelle will always be the glue that keeps us stuck…

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Lynton – Exmoor National Park Travel Blog

When it comes to going away as a family, we kind of like to do things a little bit randomly. Did we have any particular reason for choosing the small town of Lynton on the coast of the Exmoor National Park? Not really. But the Lynton Cottage Apartment stood out to us, and if where you’re staying is great, then you’re off to a good start. The Hotel On the first day of arrival, we didn’t really do all that much. In fairness, it took me bloody long enough lugging three cases, around four bags and a high chair up…

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Isablog #27 – Feelings of Baby Regret & Getting Sick From the Baby

If you read this blog regularly, which if you do then a big thank you, I can’t believe you keep coming back, then you’ll know that last week Isabelle wasn’t very well. Unfortunately, that little bit of sickness managed to transfer all the way into me. Yay! And the best part about all of it? It all started during the Superbowl! I know I did a post last week where I talked about not being as bothered by the NFL as I used to be, and I’d be fine with missing some of it if Isabelle needed me, but I…

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Our Week With a Sick Baby

Well for the first time in Isabelle’s nine months of being alive, she’s been ill.

Ok, she’d had the odd cold before, but this time she was actually ill. Well, not massively ill. But Tuesday night, after a few hours of us not thinking she was ‘quite right’ she opted to throw up all over me. Don’t worry, in true modern day it’s-all-about-equality fashion, she also threw up on Rachel. No one can ever say she isn’t about gender equality.

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Starting the Transition to Becoming Working Parents

So last week saw Rachel end her maternity leave and go back to work. She started on an induction week where she was basically working 7-3, Monday to Friday and yours truly was a Stay-at-Home dad for the week. I might have mentioned it.

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