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What is Santa Going to Mean to Us for Christmas?

Everyone knows that Santa can be such a magical person in a child’s life. I still remember the excitement that I had when I thought about Christmas, even if I was rather skeptical early on. But I’m an over thinker, so I have to ask myself what role Santa is going to play in our lives when my daughter is old enough to understand who he actually is? Is Santa going to bring all the presents? Is Christmas going to be heavily centred around what gifts we buy? And how much emphasis to we even put on the whole idea…

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5 Reasons Why We’re Not Doing Elf on the Shelf

It’s that time of year again where parents all over the country start bringing out some creepy looking Elf to wander around the house and cause some sort of mischief. I’m not sure when Elf on the Shelf started, but I understand why it’s become such a big thing. Having someone to help encourage good behaviour out of children is always going to be successful. But, at this stage in my parenting journey, Elf on the Shelf isn’t something I want to do. I think maybe I’m missing the point, but I’m just going to try and add a little…

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Our Month In Photos: December

I’ll be honest, this is actually a backdated post. I initially started this “Our Month in Photo” thing for January, but seeing as we bought the camera before Christmas, and used it quite a lot around then, I thought I’d do this for December too! So here are five photos that me and Rachel both love from December. It was pretty hard cutting it down to five, but I don’t want this to be too much of a silly post. Here we go: “The Christmas Family Photo” You might already recognise this one. If you just scroll up to the…

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Our First Christmas with a Baby

Well, after a pretty long day, and a much longer Christmas Eve, we’re done and dusted with Isabelle’s first Christmas.

Overall, it was probably as good as I could’ve hoped it would go. But before I carry on, I will start all of this off by saying I don’t generally like Christmas all that much. I’m not some mean spirited Grinch type person, but a lot of my depression stems from something that happened very near to Christmas nine years ago.

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Isablog #19 – The Last One Before Christmas

Well, this time next week, as you’re probably very well aware, it will be Christmas Eve. And as such, I won’t be blogging. I try not to allow this blog to impact on my family time as much as I can; of course, it can’t fully be avoided. If I want to run this blog, which I very much do, I have to find time to write. But doing it on Christmas Eve is where I draw the line.

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