#MySundayPhoto – Three Versions of the Same Baby

I haven’t done a #MySundayPhoto for well over a month now. Actually, the last time I did one I ended up talking about Jesus. Which was a little bit off topic, but it was Easter at the time. So here’s a return to normality and a nice little photo of Isabelle looking out of our bedroom window. Three Versions of Isabelle in One Shot I love this photo because Isabelle is sandwiched between other versions of herself. On her left, not that you can see that well, you have myself and Rachel holding Isabelle roughly one year ago. She was…

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Our Life in Photos: Rounding Up The Month of March

We’re back with another month in photos roundup! As you might be able to guess, this is going to be five photos that reflect on the month of March. No messing. Let’s go. “Seriously dad, it’s cold!” You might have noticed, but March saw the UK get hit by the Beast from the East. And there was no chance I was going to miss the opportunity to take a decent picture of Isabelle enjoying the snow. I’m not always the best at reading Isabelle’s facial expression, but I’m going to guess this one says “OMG this is the best day…

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#MySundayPhoto – Building a Future Library

This isn’t the first time I’ve left a post to the last minute. Actually the very first #MySundayPhoto that I did was all done on the day. And that’s what this one is. This photo was literally taken this morning. And my plan was to write this as Isabelle napped. Instead I’m writing this one handed with her in my left. She’s teething like crazy and still isn’t sleeping. Not that I mind, but she really could do with drifting off whilst I write this up. We’ll see how it goes. I guess I’ve taken this picture this week as…

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#MySundayPhoto – A Taste of Bluestone

This week we’ve been away. As you might be able to guess from the title, we went to Bluestone. Why This Photo? I’ll be honest, I didn’t really use the camera all that much in Bluestone. Mainly because I didn’t want to carry it around, and then try to take pictures during soft play or swimming. But I did take a few in the lodge, and then some during a bit of good weather in the ‘garden’. This was probably one of the better ones. But I love this photo because it makes me want to give Isabelle the opportunity to…

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#MySundayPhoto – A Mother’s Milk on Mother’s Day

They say that when you become a parent, that you give a lot of yourself to your children. You give your time, your money, your effort, your love and in the above case, you literally give yourself. What you see in this weeks photo is a rather decent stash of breastmilk. It’s a draw in our freezer that literally contains a small part of my wife. Had it not been for the photo, that last sentence might have sounded exceptionally weird. But it’s not weird. It’s a draw full of life. And if it wasn’t for the woman who created…

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