What Women Put Themselves Through to Become Mothers Is Amazing

Before you say anything, I’ll admit that the title of this post looks like it was written by a husband who ROYALLY fucked up and is now doing his very best to make up to his wife. The title really does scream “oh god what have you done now!” But I honestly just wanted to talk about how amazing my wife is – suck up – that she’s put herself through having a baby and is currently pregnant with the next one. Obviously if it gets me some brownie points that I can cash in to do weird shit, then that’s an added bonus!

What Women Put Themselves through to Become Mothers is Amazing

If you stripped my wife and I naked – good luck convincing her of this, I on the other hand have already removed my clothes – then you would notice something very quickly. One of us is clearly a parent.

Unlike most women, men carry nothing on their body that identifies them as being a parent. I have no marks, scars, or signs that I’ve had any children whatsoever. My body hasn’t changed AT ALL. Meanwhile my wife has the stretch marks to show it.

My wife literally had to sacrifice her body in some way in order to have children. I might love my wife and not care about the changes childbirth has had on her body, but those changes still happened. And for some it’s hard to deal with.

Not everyone loves their post birth body. Some hate the fact that they’re now scarred; or that they now have looser skin in places they wish they hadn’t. But for us men we don’t have these worries. Childbirth and pregnancy leaves us completely unaffected and it’s something I will never be able to fully appreciate as I’ll never be able to go through it all.

My wife is currently pregnant with our second child and her body is already being tested

Pregnancy is relatively easy for me. My body literally does PISS ALL to make children. And trust me, my wife often reminds me of that. Well, I had to do the squirty spunk love making part. You know, the part people actively seek to do without the desire to even have children. Something that most people consider pleasurable.

My wife on the other hand has a very different story.

She’s currently in the first trimester of pregnancy. And if we’re both honest, we’ll admit that she’s finding it A LOT harder than when she was pregnant the first time around.

She isn’t eating as well due to constantly feeling like she has motion sickness. She’s an awful lot more tired than usual – having a breastfeeding toddler probably doesn’t help with that – and she generally feels like she could sit in the corner and cry at any given opportunity. In short, her body is really feeling it.

Even very recently she spent the majority of the day in bed unable to even keep water down. This meant that I had to play the hero and effectively be a solo parent for the day. But don’t worry, I nailed it. Even managed to give her a foot massage.

My wife is an amazing, wonderful, glorious woman for willing and wanting to put herself through pregnancy

Obviously I partly wrote that heading just to suck up to my wife somewhat. Every now and then you have to say nice shit about your wife you so can do weird shit another time. I do an UNBEARABLE AMOUNT OF THINGS to piss my wife off – I painted Simba on the wall for fucks sake – so inevitably I have to do a lot more sucking up than most, but this post isn’t about that.

I just wanted to say that what women do in order to become mothers is amazing. It’s something that I will never experience. Literally growing another human must be a rather weird thing to do. If I could take over from my wife and be the one to carry and birth our child then I would. Probably.

Listening to her throw up each morning after only eating a packet of Monster Munch the night before is hardly the best thing in the world to hear. I mean she could try and keep it down a little bit. I don’t want to hear that shit.

Of course I’d mainly want to take over from my wife so I could moan the entire time and milk it to get out of doing stuff. I dare say that’s actually what she’s doing. Personally I feel like she’s just recorded the sounds of herself being sick and merely goes to the bathroom, hits play and chills out for five with a book. I mean that’s what I would do!

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