Dad Diaries #2 – A Week Away at Burnham-on-Sea

This week we’ve been on a little family getaway to the Somerset sea town of Burnham-on-Sea at the Haven resort. If you follow me in all the usual places then you probably already knew that. But I wasn’t really that active this past week. I think every now and then it’s nice to scale back on social media and take a little bit of a break. And getting away gives you a great chance to do that.

Beach at Burnham-on-sea

Almost Having an Absolute Nightmare

I’ve made the odd parenting mistake in my time since having Isabelle – Rachel makes the point that I make a mistake almost every time I simply dress Isabelle – but this week, I almost fed the poor girl raw chicken. Yes. RAW CHICKEN! Who would’ve thought you could buy raw breaded chicken from Asda? Oh. Everyone knew that? Fair enough. I thought that stuff was always already cooked? Apparently not.

Don’t panic though, Rachel was pretty quick to step in. Not quick enough to stop me from having a nibble mind you! Had Rachel not been there for this one things could’ve turned out rather different. But I’m well aware of the idea of making sure you learn from close calls. And I sure as hell learned to be a bit more careful in the future.

I Prefer the Idea of Going Away More than Actually Being Away

Whenever we book to go away somewhere I always get excited about the prospect of traveling and being away. Having somewhere new to visit, somewhere different for Isabelle to explore, and time to just chill out is always a nice feeling. But the same thing happens every time. After the first day, I have this thought of “Well, what are we doing?”

I’m someone who doesn’t massively love to relax. The odd hour here and there is great. But having an entire day dedicated to ‘chilling out’ drives me insane. I genuinely don’t understand the people who love to do nothing all day.

I like having a purpose, a sense of something to do, and being away with none of that does usually get me a little bit depressed if I let it. My diet usually falls by the wayside, and then I get headaches much more frequently.

Fishing lake at the Haven resort in Burnham-on-Sea

Finding a Sense of Purpose

Luckily this week I managed to find things to do in order to give me a sense of purpose. I’ve really started to get into video making a lot more over the recent months. I still don’t think I’m exactly good at it, but I love the creative process. I like looking at things and trying to see the shots for a video. Sometimes I don’t quite picture the end result enough in my head and end up with a mis-matched video – I think the same thing happened this week – but it’s fun learning each time I do it.

The good thing with videos and photography is that it keeps you in the moment. You’re not off somewhere else trying to tweet or reply to an email. You’re right there, absorbed in the moment. I find myself thinking of things for Isabelle to do in order to get something fun to film. Sometimes I totally forget to even film, and instead just have fun with Isabelle. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But having that purpose for the week really did help me from slipping.

I Much Prefer Parenting as a Couple

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t massively enjoy solo parenting for a long period of time. Of course, I’m pretty used to it. As you might already know, when I have Isabelle when Rachel’s in work, I literally have her all day. And it is something that I’ve found a little more draining lately. I said last week, as much as I love Isabelle’s exploratory side, it does drain every ounce of energy out of me by the end of the day. And it’s been the same this week.

Neither me nor Rachel quite understand where Isabelle gets her energy from. She’s utterly relentless. On a few of the days this week I was pretty sure that Isabelle would’ve done more steps than either of us had she been hooked up with a FitBit. Whether that was roaming from the caravan to the main area, or simply just running laps around the caravan itself. By the end of most of the days, her legs were clearly starting to give out on her.

But having the two of us there all the time made the whole thing so much easier. Being able to switch off for a little bit whilst the other one did more of the parenting made us be able to be a bit fresher when Isabelle was on the go. Having the time in-between the hard moments does make me a much better parent. In the night on my own, I find myself dislike the fact Isabelle won’t just go to sleep. But whilst on holiday with the two of us on hand, I didn’t care when she fell asleep.

Us at Burnham-on-sea
I much prefer to parent as a couple

Not All That Impressed with Haven Burnham-on-Sea

Since this is more of a reflective post I’m not going to go into too much detail and review our trip to the Haven resort. But I will say that we weren’t all that impressed. We’ve obviously had to change our travelling habits since we’ve become parents. We don’t really fancy going anywhere abroad just yet, and we have to think about having lots to do for Isabelle and not just us. Hence why we try to pick places like Bluestone or Haven. But Haven just seemed to lack that much to do if I’m honest.

Luckily the Burnham-on-Sea area did make up for it, and we found plenty to do in the nearby area. But like I said, I might just write a review at a later date. So there’s a little thing for you to eagerly await! Oh, and here’s this weeks video:



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