Dad Diaries #1 – Getting Back Into Writing a Weekly Blog

For those of you who have followed this blog for quite a while, you might remember I used to write a weekly blog. I very creatively called it ‘Isablog’. I stopped as I didn’t feel I always had enough time to write a decent post every single week. Well now it’s back. Although instead of it being called ‘Isablog’ I’m going with ‘Dad Diaries’. Unbearably sexy title, I know!

What Is ‘Dad Diaries’ Going to be About?

Well I’m glad you’re so interested. Basically this is just going to be a more casual, reflective blog that I’ll be writing summing up what’s gone on in the past week and how I’ve felt as a parent. I’m dropping a day down in work – hopefully, but that’s not official yet – so I should have a lot more time in the future to write. Expect to see a ‘Dad Diaries’ post every Monday form here on out. I’ll also be trying to do a YouTube video to go with this every week. Here’s what I have for this week:

Starting to Struggle in the Evenings

One of the main things I’ve noticed with myself lately is the fact I’m starting to struggle a bit more in the evenings. Not when Rachel is here. This is mostly when I have Isabelle all day on my own. She used to fall asleep around 6pm. But all of a sudden she’s not been sleepy around this time, and just waits for Rachel to get home. Then, once Rachel is home, she has a quick feed and she’s usually up until we go to bed around 9pm.

I know that doesn’t sound like much, but when you’ve had a toddling, danger-seeking baby from 6 in the morning, it does drain you. By the time the evening rolls around I’m ready to sit back and chill out. But rather than do that, I have to follow her around the house trying to make sure she’s at least somewhat safe.

There’s a whole lot of sitting in window sills these days

The funny thing is, when I look at that image, I love it. I love the fact that Isabelle wants to explore, and she wants to climb up into the windowsill with a book. I just don’t like it after doing it for roughly 13 hours. If I’m honest, I feel stressed and slightly irritated that she doesn’t just want to go to sleep. But I think that’s down to the fact that there are things I need – or want – to do with the blog, but don’t always get the chance to do them. Hopefully having this time once a week in the morning will help with that!

Taking a Trip to Tredegar Park House

I might not have mentioned before, but we now have a second car! It wasn’t something that we planned on getting, but it just kind of happened thanks to Rachel’s mum. And it’s something that has made life so much better with Isabelle. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy enough being confined to the house when I had her all day, but being able to get out and about does make things more enjoyable.

I don’t really venture too far. I don’t want to drive about an awful lot as she only ends up napping and it does sometimes throw her out for the day. Case in point, I took her to Tredegar House Park instead of letting her have her morning nap. She didn’t then sleep until 3pm, which messed up the rest of the night.

Isabelle at the grounds of Tredegar House Park
Isabelle exploring the grounds at Tredegar House Park

It was awesome watching her roam about somewhere so open and with so available to explore. She basically walked the entire way around, pointed at every dog and animal she saw and just wanted to see everything. I had that much fun with Isabelle that all three of us went first thing – by first thing I mean 7am! – on Friday to have a McDonald’s themed picnic.

Can’t beat a little picnic in the park

Starting the Charity Raffle for Action for Children

One last thing before I leave you for this week. I’ve literally just kicked off the online charity raffle for Action for Children. This is going to be something I’ll have my focus on for the whole month of July as I try my best to raise money for the challenge I’m doing in August. I have a lot of doubts about this raffle. I really don’t think it’s actually going to raise that much money. These days you mostly get free competitions on social media, so having one where you have to pay probably won’t do so well.

I’m a bit nervous about it if I’m honest. I don’t want it to fail miserably, but I can’t help feel like it will.

If you want to help out then you can enter the raffle on the blog.

Failing that, you could always just share the post on the Facebook page to help others see it who might donate.

I’ll Catch You Next Week

Well I guess that’s it for this week. I know this probably isn’t the best post you’ll ever read from me. But truth be told the raffle has me a little stressed and right now I don’t really feel like writing all that much. When I feel like there’s a bit too much going on I do sometimes struggle getting it all done. But I dare say this “Dad Diaries” thing will get a little better each week as I get back into the swing of rambling once a week.



I’m a 26 year old married father of one. I started blogging after suffering postnatal depression when Isabelle was born. These days I talk about much more than just that.

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