Doing The Wye Valley Challenge for Action for Children

I said a few months back that I was looking for a charity challenge for 2018. Well, I’ve chosen one. And it’s the Wye Valley Challenge!

The wye Valley challenge for Action for Children

Raising money for Action for Children doing the Wye Valley Challenge! Click the image to donate!

Before I start, I will say that I occasionally like doing something silly for the mere fun of it. I once walked 100,000 steps for no reason other than I wanted to get the Olympian Badge on Fitbit. I then did a skydive and that was purely because it was on my bucket list. Well this time I’m dipping back into the walking side of the challenges and doing the longest walk I’ve ever done. The Wye Valley Challenge. And unlike the one with Fitbit, I’ll be doing this for charity.

What is the Wye Valley Challenge?

The Wye Valley Challenge is a 100km trek from Chepstow to Hereford. You can do it over the course of two days or, like what I’m going to do, you can just do it in one go. You can run it, jog it, or simply walk the whole thing. It’s a fairly difficult challenge, but one that many people seem to manage. I think I’m basically going to mix it up and do a little bit of jogging but most of the distance will be covered by walking. I’m a terrible jogger, and I’m not going to be training for this at all.

Why Did I Pick the Wye Valley Challenge?

I was basically looking for something that was quite difficult, but not something where I could end up lost and potentially dead. So this seemed to work the best. I had originally planned on doing the Jurassic Coast Challenge, but I’ve simply gone with the Wye Valley one due to the dates working better. The middle of August just works a little better for us.

Ultimately they’re the same thing. They’re both 100km, they just take you on different routes. I only wish they were loops. Instead, I’m going to have to get Rachel to come and pick me up once I’m done. For her sake, I hope that’s not 4am. But we do live pretty close to both the start and finish. Which is part of the reason I’ve gone with this instead of the South Coast Challenge. That and it being the 6 weeks holiday, and I’m not paying for a hotel during that period.

Who Will I Be Raising the Money For?

I will be raising money for Action for Children. They’re essentially a charity that helps out disadvantaged children across the UK. They aim to help children with mental health conditions, but also they help parents too. And that’s part of the reason why I want to raise money for them.

Why Action for Children?

I’m actually going to be talking about that via the Action for Children website as well as with Royal Mail. So stay tuned as to why I’ve chosen Action for Children for this years challenge. But here’s a little bit of a snippet.

I’ve never needed to use Action for Children. For that, I count myself as fortunate. But others aren’t so lucky. Had things been slightly different for me, then a charity like Action for Children could’ve been vital to helping me to cope when I had postnatal depression. But I had my wife. Without her I have absolutely no idea how I would have coped. I genuinely don’t think I would have.

Can I Donate?

I’m glad you asked! But of course you can.

You can donate via the SponsorMe website

Of course, you don’t have to donate. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to. But if you could it would be greatly appreciated. I dare say over the coming months you’ll hear a little more about this challenge, so if you don’t want to donate now, there’ll be plenty of time to do so in the future.


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