Thinking About My Next Charity Challenge for 2018

Enough time has now passed since I did my skydive. And I’m now ready to look for another charity challenge to push myself and raise money at the same time.

The skydive was actually quite easy. It doesn’t take anything to do it other than a little bit of mental strength not to back out. When I did it, it was my third time down in Salisbury to do it due to the other attempts being postponed for weather. So by the time I was there for the third time, the idea of coming all the way back down once again was worse than actually doing the jump.

But this time, I want to do something that is actually difficult. I did 100,000 steps last year via FitBit, and some would say that was quite the challenge. But I didn’t even do it for charity! I did it for fun. So I have to find something harder and longer (the child in me wants to laugh) than that.

Possible Ideas

24 Hour Walk

First up, is my idea of just walking for 24 hours straight. When I did the 100,000 steps I went from midnight until roughly 3pm. So this wouldn’t be too much more. Only 9 hours. That’s not that much really.

I wouldn’t have any route in particular, I would simply leave the house at 7pm (or whenever) and keep walking until 7pm the following day. Or just do it midnight to midnight.

I think this would be an ok idea, but one that has its drawbacks. First of all it’s unofficial. People will have to take my word that I actually did it. Of course I’d have FitBit to prove it, and I’d likely live stream parts and take photos and videos. But I don’t really feel it’s that much of a cool challenge, but at least it’s local so I wouldn’t have any travel, there’s very little danger in getting lost and no fee for taking part.

Coast to Coast

This is the one I really want to do. It’s 190 miles, it’s over three national parks, it’s a stupid idea and it takes you from St. Bees Head to Robin Hood’s Bay. It’s recommended that it’s done in 12-15 days, but if I double up the distances I think I can do it in 6. That’s roughly 31 miles a day, which might be a little bit difficult. Here’s what it looks like:

Coast to Coast

Looks absurd, right? But it would be so awesome to say I’ve walked from one side of England to the other, and hopefully raise a little bit of money for charity in the meantime. But I’m probably being a little bit overambitious with thinking I can do it in six, and if I can’t, then I’ll miss the possible hotel stays and then I’ll be screwed.

It’s also a logistical nightmare. Do I drive up there by myself? Then somehow magic my way from the east coast back to the west? Do I drag Rachel along and make her drive along to each hotel and I’ll meet her there? It’s hardly a fair way to do it, but at least I’ll have the car. I’ll also have a baby to look after in the night after walking 30+ miles, which might not be a great idea.

It’s also probably not a great idea for someone with no navigational skills to wander off into a national park trying to take an unofficial walking route with no sign posts or directions. If I had no phone signal then there’s a strong chance I’d end up in Scotland. But hey, at least it would be free.

Jurassic Coast Challenge

This one seems great as it has the added benefit of being an organised event. As such, it will have signposts, medical support, rest stations, food, and even a massage station at some stops! And since it finishes in Eastbourne, Rachel might not mind heading there and meeting me when I finish. We can then head off for a few days somewhere and enjoy some time together. This is what it looks like:

JCC routes

There is one massive drawback with this one: it would cost me £185 to self-fund it. It would only be £60-80 with a minimum sponsor amount, but I refuse to have people donate only for that money to go to the challenge and not the charity. I paid for the skydive myself, and I’d do the same here. It’s also only 100km, so I don’t feel it’s enough of a ridiculous challenge where people go “you’re stupid as f**k”, but I would do it without stopping to make it a little harder. It would also be a good test to see if I could even manage the coast to coast one. And, going for that long would likely go over 24 hours and as such would be what I’m looking for in the first idea.

You also have the added bonus of this being along the Jurassic Coast, as you can tell from the name. So it’ll be stunning. I love being by the sea, and if I was ever going to move anywhere it would be somewhere coastal, so hugging the coast during this would be an awesome motivator.

Also, Rachel wouldn’t have to worry about me getting lost somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales and dying, so that’s an added bonus. And I would also get a medal, you can’t beat a medal!

The Taff Trail

This one might be worth a look as it’s 55 miles and very much local. There would be very little in terms of travel, and Rachel could quite easily pick me up in Brecon. It’s also an actual walk, so I’m guessing it’ll be sign posted and won’t present any real danger.

Of course, it isn’t an organised event, so it won’t be official, I won’t get a medal, but ultimately it would be free, which is an added bonus. I also think I could easily do it within 24 hours, or least if I can’t and I have to quit then getting a pickup wouldn’t be hard. Here’s what the walk would look like:


Well, that’s all I have right now. I really want to do the coast to coast one, but ultimately will have to think about the logistics and safety and probably go with the Jurassic Coast. Of course I can do them all at some point, I have plenty of time.

Do you have any other challenges that seem really hard that might be worth a go? Please leave a comment if you have any other suggestions!


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  1. talkingmums1
    3rd March 2018 / 8:06 am

    They all sound like fab ideas but for me it would have to be an organised event. Don’t worry too much about being sponsored, think about it that the money spent on you to sponsor you is going towards the end goal of helping you raise money for charity. Good luck with it all, i’m Sure it’ll be an adventure 😊

    • Ross Hunt
      3rd March 2018 / 8:29 am

      I guess, I just never like the idea of people paying for me to do something and it not going to the charity. Even if a lot of money still does

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