Warwick Castle with a Toddler – A Review

We recently went on a little trip to Shropshire to meet up with a few fellow weirdos from Instagram. Whilst we were there we thought we’d do something a little more productive and paid a visit to Warwick Castle with our toddler. This is basically a little review of that trip. That’s about as sexy as this post is going to get. Nothing weird. Just s review of Warwick Castle.

Warwick castle with a toddler

Warwick Castle with a Toddler – a Review

We’ve been to Warwick castle before. But that was when our daughter was a lot younger and she basically spent the entire time either sleeping or not having a clue she was at a castle. This time around was slightly different. As she’s now a proper toddler she likes to run around everywhere trying to find the most dangerous place with the highest risk of injury. Suffice to say, at a castle there are plenty of places that are suitable.

Things to do with a toddler at Warwick Castle

The older that your kids get the more you can realistically do with them. Can we tell our toddler about the history of Warwick Castle? Of course we can. But she’ll just nod along thinking “Mate I just wanna run around.” So that’s essentially what you can do with a toddler. Let them run around places like the maze and get somewhat lost.

Somewhere in the Maze of Warwick Castle

Honestly though, other than aimlessly running around there isn’t a great deal else to do with a toddler. They did have a park, but it was closed. So that was quality. Other than that, it’s basically just a castle. They have the dungeons – which is hardly a place to take an emotionally unstable lunatic – and then all the historical exhibits that a toddler just won’t give a shit about.

When it comes to Warwick Castle with a toddler, you basically have a glorified field with a lot of really high brickwork.

Breastfeeding at Warwick castle
It’s a lovely little place to do a spot of breastfeeding

Other than that, there isn’t really a great deal to do with a toddler. Don’t get me wrong, we still managed to stay here for a good 2/3 hours. But on a wet and miserable day you might be struggling to keep yourselves entertained.

Food at Warwick Castle

Want some sexy close up shots of some food that we ate whilst at Warwick Castle? Possibly not. But since I have to fill this post with content you can have some photos.

We basically had what you see above, a double espresso – because I’m all about that caffeine – and a diet coke. It all came to just under £20. Which is probably a little bit expensive but then what do you really expect at these sorts of places?

Warwick Castle Ticket Prices, Opening Times, Location and all the Usual Stuff

I’ll be honest, Warwick Castle isn’t the cheapest. For the three of us is cost us £26.50. And that’s because they had a toddler and parent offer for £10 and then £16.50 for the extra adult ticket. Considering it’s only £27 for an annual pass per person you’re almost better off just going for that. Especially if you plan on coming back. With that you also get free parking.

Which isn’t bad when we paid £6 for parking! Why are they charging £6 to park your car? That’s a stupid price for a family attraction like this one. And it did piss me off slightly if I’m totally honest.

Other than that, Warwick castle is alright. It’s probably more suited to older children than a toddler. But they can still run around and point at stuff, so it’s not like there’s nothing to do.

If you’re wondering when Warwick Castle might be open, then I dare say their website is going to be a more reliable source than this blog post. So here you go. Oh, and here’s Warwick Castle. Just in case you hadn’t already Googled the postcode.

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Wondering what it's like to visit Warwick Castle with a toddler? Possibly. Possibly not. Here's a review either way.


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