Isablog #14 – And She’s Off…

So this week Isabelle has really taken off with her crawling. The way she is now, you really do have to have eyes in the back of your head. Give her a minute or so and she’s crawled across to the baby gate, pulled herself up and holds on. I don’t think it will be long before she’s trying to walk. Not that either me or Rachel want her to do that any time soon.

If you want to watch a vlog about this week, then feel free to watch this:


It’s the first weekly vlog I’ve done that’s actually edited. I hope it’s much more enjoyable to watch; I know the previous ones have been quite terrible, but I’m learning about this stuff all the time. I aim to keep improving, if not for you then for me. I do fully believe that it’s a great thing to suck at something and then improve, and that’s what I think I’m doing here.

Anyway, here’s the Facebook and Twitter. This week coming is #SelfCareWeek, so keep an eye out as I will be doing quite a bit on that. I’ve probably spent a little bit too much time on the laptop this week, and on my phone in general. That’s why this post is a little shorter than usual. I’ve forgotten to take my own advice and limit my use of technology. But I’m only human, and I cock up a lot too.

So that’s all from me for this week, I owe Rachel a little bit of quality time with her, so I’ll catch you again.


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