We’ve Somehow Got a Five Month Old Baby!

Well, we now have a five month old baby! I guess I’ll start with a photo of Isabelle holding one of those silly milestone cards that new parents are obsessed with:

5 Months

Before I continue, I’ll say that this week I started doing reviews. Which means this blog just became a little more relevant to other people. Rather than just reading about what stuff I’ve been up to, you can read about things that you may want to buy. Expect a lot more in the future in terms of reviews, but for now, I have MyHummy Sleepy Head, a product designed to help your baby fall asleep, and that’s about it.

I know. It’s hardly a buzzing landing spot for baby product reviews. But I’m still new at this blogging this. So please forgive me. Anyway, let’s carry on talking nonsense!

Thoughts on Having a Five Month Old

It’s crazy how fast this time has gone. It doesn’t feel that long ago that we nervously brought Isabelle home. We were scared and worried about how we were actually going to raise a baby. Now that baby is a five month old! It doesn’t even feel like that long ago that Rachel was pregnant. But then and again, that’s just life. It goes so fast.

I know it won’t be long before Isabelle is talking and running around the place, before I know it she’ll be off to school, having a boyfriend (or girlfriend, either way is good), getting pregnant and then I’ll be dead. It’ll all happen eventually. The main thing is that I enjoy it all as it happens, and so far, a bout of postnatal depression aside, I’ve loved it.

Every week Isabelle seems to develop in some way. It’s only really been this week that’s seen her take huge strides in her movement. Now we can place her on her play mat and watch her as she rotates herself around trying to get whatever toy it is that takes her fancy. I wouldn’t quite say she can crawl yet, but every now and then you turn around and the next thing you know she’s a little further along than where you placed her. I’ve even written about ways to help with tummy time. As that seems to be all we’re doing at the moment!

Handling a Baby’s Fear

We’ve also bought some foil. Well, it’s baby foil stuff that they use at baby groups to lift over their heads. I know that hardly sounds exciting, but thus far, Isabelle has cried every single time. I’ll admit it’s only been three times, but still. So, rather than just accept that she doesn’t like it and move on, we’ve bought it. Now, every time we go in the play room, we do something like this:


I know, you don’t have to say it, she doesn’t look impressed. But she is slowly coming around to it. In the house, she’ll happily grab it, or watch you rustle it. She’ll even let you shake it over her head. Just don’t do it in baby group! For whatever reason, she still doesn’t like it when there are loads of others around and you bring out the foil. Welcome to having a baby, I guess.

I know she’ll get there, it’s all about finding something that they don’t like and keep reintroducing it until they’re much better. It’s all about time, patience, and positive association. If you make it a bad experience every time then they’ll just get a negative association from it and it’ll be much harder to bring them around.

Well, I guess that sums this week up. We now have a five month old! It’s been another great week, at least mostly, and as usual, thank you for reading. If you want to read more of this, then give the blog a like on Facebook.

See you next week!


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