I’m About to Return to Work After Maternity Leave – Goodbye MAT Leave

So this is it. This is my last week of being a full time mum, and as of tomorrow morning, I am officially, begrudgingly, going back to work after maternity leave. I can’t quite believe this is the end of my MAT leave, but I guess this day was always going to come. I remember when I first went off I couldn’t even picture this day. It felt so far in the distance it almost didn’t seem real. After all, I had the birth to go through, then of course I had a baby to deal with. When you’re floating around…

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We’ve Somehow Got a Five Month Old Baby!

Usually I have a nice little YouTube video to go along with my weekly blog. But this week I opted to do one based off one of my other blog posts, so you can watch me talk about helping Rachel to breastfeed by heading here (that link is just my YouTube channel as I haven’t finished the upload yet, so just subscribe and wait for it to be done, or keep reading), or read about it here.

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Isablog #1 – Grabbing, Growth Spurts and Failed Skydives

It’s been quite a busy week for Isabelle. First of all she’s suddenly decided that now would be an excellent time to start grabbing things. It’s been slowly coming, but it’s amazing how quick they can almost flick a switch and start doing something. One minute she’s casually enjoying looking around in her bouncer, and the next thing she’s smacking the seahorse, who she also seems to treat as her therapist, as he appears to have to listen to all her problems. She’s also worked out that if she hits Nemo, he makes a noise. But apparently all that grasping, bouncing and smacking is very tiring, and for the first time she fell asleep in the bouncer. It didn’t look the most graceful, but she somehow managed to pull it off. 

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Is it Safe To Let My Dog Lick My Baby?

An interesting question, and one I’ve had to ask myself when bringing our baby home earlier this year. Opinions, and even research, seem to have come to different outcomes. Whilst no one will really argue that a dogs mouth can play host to an array of parasites and bacteria, people easily forget that the extent to which this is true is highly dependent on the dog, and their behaviour. Things like their diet, whether it’s raw meat or dry food, have they been wormed and treated for fleas, or even whether they’ve just been eating something the cat left in the garden, all play a role in the amount of bacteria found in their mouth. 

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