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Isablog #1 - Grabbing, Growth Spurts and Failed Skydives – Isablog

Isablog #1 – Grabbing, Growth Spurts and Failed Skydives

It’s been quite a busy week for Isabelle. First of all she’s suddenly decided that now would be an excellent time to start grabbing things. It’s been slowly coming, but it’s amazing how quick they can almost flick a switch and start doing something. One minute she’s casually enjoying looking around in her bouncer, and the next thing she’s smacking the seahorse, who she also seems to treat as her therapist, as he appears to have to listen to all her problems. She’s also worked out that if she hits Nemo, he makes a noise. But apparently all that grasping, bouncing and smacking is very tiring, and for the first time she fell asleep in the bouncer. It didn’t look the most graceful, but she somehow managed to pull it off.

Sleeping in Nemo
She’s very tired!

All that grasping and talking to the seahorse must’ve lead Isabelle to start another growth spurt, as this week saw her feed a lot more than usual, especially during the night, much to the dismay of my wife. For some reason we’ve evolved to produce more milk in the night, and unfortunately this leads to frequent, occasionally fussy feeds. Admittedly this didn’t effect me too much, one of the problems with breast feeding is that it requires a breast. Shockingly. Unfortunately I do not have any. Yes, we could express, but this is something we don’t really want to do yet, and luckily my wife is happy enough to struggle on in the night. Total hero, clearly. But this doesn’t stop her from throwing the occasional harsh word at me for being able to turn over and gently drift into a delightful sleep.

One bit of advice, nothing said between the hours of midnight and 5am counts. You will throw insults at each other, more so in the early stages than now, and they don’t count. They’re just things said out of frustration. Let them go. Your relationship will be much better for it.

Failed skydive
Me and Isabelle pre-skydive

This week also saw us take a 2-hour road trip down to Salisbury, for the second time, to do my Skydive for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital. Which, by the way, if you feel so inclined, you can donate to here. Unfortunately, after watching other people complete their jumps for 2 hours or so, it was called off due to bad weather. Still, I did manage to get all the gear on, watch the induction and do the training. This now means we’ll have to make the trip once again next Sunday, weather permitted. I’m so glad Isabelle doesn’t mind a road trip!

On they way home however, Isabelle decided that she fancied some feeding, which is understandable on a 3-hour journey, but she also decided to grace me with a lovely exploded nappy. Changing her in the M4 services car park was a first, and something that left me with that delightful orange tinge on my hands that looked like I’d been rubbing korma paste between my fingers. Welcome to parenting, I guess. Either way, she seemed to thoroughly enjoy pooping everywhere. Below is a video of her whilst my wife told her exactly how many different places she managed to get her poop.

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