Seeing The Tree From My Meditations and Visualisations

Back in the early days of being a parent I suffered with postnatal depression. I believe I might have mentioned it before. If you’ve followed the blog for a while you might be thinking “no shit” right about now. But part of my attempts to get better was meditation through visualisation. Every day I would take ten minutes and paint a picture in my head. This picture would always be the same. It was a single large tree in the middle of a golden field encircled by a forest. Last Saturday, roughly 50km into the Wye Valley Challenge that I was…

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Wearing My Wife’s Wedding Dress for the Royal Wedding

Well here’s a slightly weird #MySundayPhoto. In celebration of the Royal Wedding, Rachel thought it would be a nice idea to dress a certain someone up like a little princess. Obviously I thought she meant me. She didn’t. She of course meant Isabelle. But I really didn’t want to be left out! Why Wear a Bloody Wedding Dress for the Royal Wedding? Excellent question. For a start, why not? Why can’t a man be a princess? In this day and age where people are a little bit looser with gender stereotypes and gender norms, why shouldn’t a man be able…

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#MySundayPhoto – Three Versions of the Same Baby

I haven’t done a #MySundayPhoto for well over a month now. Actually, the last time I did one I ended up talking about Jesus. Which was a little bit off topic, but it was Easter at the time. So here’s a return to normality and a nice little photo of Isabelle looking out of our bedroom window. Three Versions of Isabelle in One Shot I love this photo because Isabelle is sandwiched between other versions of herself. On her left, not that you can see that well, you have myself and Rachel holding Isabelle roughly one year ago. She was…

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Our Life in Photos: Rounding Up The Month of March

We’re back with another month in photos roundup! As you might be able to guess, this is going to be five photos that reflect on the month of March. No messing. Let’s go. “Seriously dad, it’s cold!” You might have noticed, but March saw the UK get hit by the Beast from the East. And there was no chance I was going to miss the opportunity to take a decent picture of Isabelle enjoying the snow. I’m not always the best at reading Isabelle’s facial expression, but I’m going to guess this one says “OMG this is the best day…

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#MySundayPhoto – A Taste of Bluestone

This week we’ve been away. As you might be able to guess from the title, we went to Bluestone. Why This Photo? I’ll be honest, I didn’t really use the camera all that much in Bluestone. Mainly because I didn’t want to carry it around, and then try to take pictures during soft play or swimming. But I did take a few in the lodge, and then some during a bit of good weather in the ‘garden’. This was probably one of the better ones. But I love this photo because it makes me want to give Isabelle the opportunity to…

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