4 Disturbing Messages In Disney Movies

We all know Disney movies have a past reputation for occasionally being mildly inappropriate. Let’s just say Disney are partial to the odd disturbing dick related reference every once in a while. They also have a far greater reputation for sending children mixed messages via their seemingly innocent movies. But when you dig beneath the surface, things aren’t quite as innocent as them seem. Here are just 4 disturbing messages being sent in Disney movies.

disturbing messages in Disney movies

4 Disturbing Messages In Disney Movies

Before I properly start I will just say that Disney make amazing movies. Try and take what I say here with a little pinch of salt. I am partly joking. This is just me talking bollocks like I usually do. Let’s go.

Beauty and the Beast: Ugly people will turn beautiful once you love them

Beauty and the Beast is morally FUCKED.

For a start, why would the Beast even be willing to listen to a trade offer from Belle when she’s literally trespassing just like her father was? Belle is portrayed as this smart character, but who the fuck goes to a creepy cursed castle alone to confront a beast?

I don’t see why the Beast didn’t just lock Belle up with her dad and be done with it. I’m guessing it had something to do with the fact that Belle is slightly attractive – at least as animated characters go I guess. Not that I’m into Hentai or anything. And because a plot needs to develop from something I guess.

Clearly The Beast just wanted Belle’s dad out of the picture so he could try his luck at breaking the curse. You know, because if you can’t win someone’s affection ethically then just lock them up until they love you.

And whilst I’m here, since when was beastiality acceptable? Like did Belle even know anything was going to happen to the Beast when she confessed her love for him? What if he just woke up and remained as the Beast? Then what? I don’t want to kink shame anyone or anything – you do you and all that – but Belle must be into some seriously freaky shit.


All Disney are really saying with Beauty and the Beast is that if you’re proper ugly then you need to change your appearance for love to really work in the long run. Belle fell for the Beast, not the smouldering, Hercules look-alike. If I was Prince Beast – No idea what his name is, Google says it might be Adam – then I’d be seriously skeptical of Belle any time she went off foraging in the forest. Lock up your animals people, Belle’s coming to town!

Perhaps if Quasimodo morphed into some handsome hunk at the end of the Hunchback of Notre Dame he might have had more luck too.

MORAL LESSON: if you want someone to love you just force them into captivity until they fall for you. Stockholm syndrome is real. Use it to your advantage.

Peter Pan: If a Stranger comes into your bedroom in the middle of the night and asks you to fly out the window, go for it!

Stranger danger? Fuck it. If a dude wearing green tights and wankery little hat with a feather in it comes into your room at night chasing his shadow – yeah, good excuse, mate – then you should totally follow this underaged fellow into the sky on an adventure.

Not only that, but Peter Pan even rocks up with a bloody KNIFE. What sort of message is this sending to children? Armed perverts are totally the people you want to be running off with out the window?

AND!! Peter Pan even teaches the non-consensual spanking of defenceless, vulnerable women.

It’s not just underage children who fall for the old “perv at the window” trick either. Even Jasmine missed the memo. Disney thought it would be a lovely idea to have Aladdin rock up on his magic carpet – does that not ring alarm bells! – and get his voyeur fix by having a lovely perv of Jasmine in her bedroom. Then on top of it he blatantly lies to the poor woman – which is almost the entire premise for the film – who clearly doesn’t want some bullshit stereotypical prince anyway. Sort yourself out, mate!

MORAL LESSON: Climbing in to children”s bedrooms in the middle of the night whilst armed is totally acceptable. Leaving your home with said pervert is also acceptable.

The Little Mermaid: If You see someone who’s hot just leave your family and life behind and literally change to another species

I don’t even know what the message really is behind the Little Mermaid. If you see a man who’s pretty attractive just go “fuck it, give us some legs and take my voice, I want some of that.”

Like what was Ariel’s plan? To woo this man she’s never met by just being hot? What if he was gay? Married? Or not a total creep who’s up for kissing girls who can’t even say “hello.”

In fairness, how else was the Little Mermaid going to work out? Had Ariel not given up her mermaidness in pursuit of this lovely chap, then what would have happened? Would he still have fallen for her and her tail? He loved her voice, perhaps things could’ve worked out anyway. Love is blind and all that.

But that brings up the obvious question that we’re all thinking of: would having sex with a mermaid actually count as beastiality? Or are they human enough for you to get a pass? And where exactly does everything go?

MORAL LESSON: Sell your ENTIRE KINGDOM out to some evil witch, give up your talents and even lose part of your physical appearance on the OFF CHANCE that some hunky guy might take a fancy to you. In essence, fuck self respect.

Sleeping Beauty & Snow White: Non-consensual Kissing is perfectly acceptable

Kissing seemingly dead women seems to be a running theme in Disney films. A lot of people have pointed a firm finger at Sleeping Beauty, some people have even gone as far as to want it banned from schools. But I’m going to start with the worst offender of the bunch:


In this lovely Disney movie about necrophilia Prince… Charming was it? Surely it’s not fucking Charming? Rocks up to a dead woman’s funeral and naturally thinks to himself “Fuck it, move aside boys, I’m getting some of that ass.”

Alright, that’s probably not exactly what was going through his mind. But I’ve never turned up to a funeral – A FUCKING FUNERAL! They had a casket and everything – and thought about kissing the dead person. And the worst part is the dwarves show zero concern at all and basically go “yeah, fuck it. Go for it, mate.” I’m actually a little bit worried what would have happened had he not had an audience. And had she not woken up.

At least in Sleeping Beauty Prince Philip knew of the curse. He couldn’t exactly win. If he kissed Aurora then he’s technically sexually assaulting her and he’s risking pissing everyone off on Twitter. BUT! If he doesn’t kiss her then she’s probably going to die. Sexual assault or death? You pick.


Whilst I’m talking about non-consensual kissing. Let’s get back to the Little Mermaid for a second shall we? It’s essentially a Disney movie all about a woman’s attempt to get sexually assaulted.

They even wrote a song about it. Read the lyrics to Kiss the Girlwhich already sounds forceful – and imagine it’s an evil little voice singing the words inside the head of a rapist.

And you don’t know why
But you’re dying to try
You wanna kiss girl

Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do
It’s possible she wants you too
There’s one way to ask her

It don’t take a word, not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl, kiss the girl

Don’t get me wrong, I dare say you don’t always have to verbally give consent for someone to attempt to kiss you. How many romantic moments in films would be ruined if just as the man was leaning in, he said to the woman “would it be acceptable if I gave you a kiss?” But still. Let’s not try and perpetuate the rape culture already seemingly prevalent in modern day society shall we Disney?

Well that’s 4 Disturbing Messages Being Sent In Disney Movies!

Obviously there are probably many, many more mixed messages being inadvertently sent in Disney Movies. But for now, I shall leave the list at that. Perhaps when I get creeped out enough from what I see whilst watching a Disney film, I might pop back on and write a few more. Who knows!

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We all know Disney movies have a past reputation for occasionally being mildly inappropriate. Let's just say Disney are partial to the odd disturbing dick related reference every once in a while. They also have a far greater reputation for sending children mixed messages via their seemingly innocent movies. But when you dig beneath the surface, things aren't quite as innocent as them seem. Here are just 4 Disturbing messages being sent in Disney Movies.



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