Cefn Mably Farm Park Review – The Best Farm for a Day Out in South Wales

We’re constantly on the look out for fun and exciting things to do with our toddler in the South Wales area. Since she’s a big lover of animals, farms are always a good bet. We’ve tried other farms in the past, and we’ve always been left a little bit underwhelmed. But Cefn Mably Farm Park has so far proven to be the best farm in South Wales. If you’re after somewhere to visit for an enjoyable, affordable day out, then look no further. Here’s our review of the farm.

Our daughter with one of the rideable tractors at cefn mably farm
Here’s our toddler Isabelle looking like quite the farmer.

Cefn Mably Farm Park: Review

Outside: The Animals and the Parks

On the surface, Cefn Mably doesn’t really offer you anything more than what you’ll find in other petting zoos or farms. You have all the usual animals with nothing that really stands out. Yes, you’ll be able to stroke and hold the guinea pigs or try and stroke a chicken as they wander past. But that’s nothing you can’t already do in other locals farms.

Here’s a couple of shots of us with the animals. Yes I took a selfie with a sheep. And yes I was slightly worried he would suddenly bite me during the shot.

What really separates Cefn Mably from the other attractions in the South Wales area is the play areas. They have a large outdoor play area that really does have quite a lot going on. Then they have the usual smaller one for the younger children and they even have one near the horses that usually has the odd chicken strolling past.

Inside: Cefn Mably Farm Soft Play

Then there’s the soft play area. As a parent to a toddler I go to soft play quite a lot. I even have a monthly pass for one as we’re there all the bloody time. But what I didn’t expect when we went to Cefn Mably was for it to easily compete with the other soft play centres in our area. After all, this place is sold to you on being a farm. But it’s the soft play that really makes it stand out.

Altogether they have three separate areas. One for babies, one for children under 5, and then the usual chaotic one that leaves you fighting for your life if you ever mistakenly enter it on a busy day. Here’s some photos. They’re not the best, but I didn’t exactly want to be capturing photos of other people’s children. If we ever go back – which is likely – and it’s quiet, I’ll take some more. But I dare say you get the idea.

The Food

You have plenty of options at Cefn Mably when it comes to food, and it’s also reasonably priced. We paid £15 for two adult meals, a kids meal and drinks. That’s not disastrous, and really what you’d expect from any sort of attraction. We’d happily pay the same at our local soft play centre or anywhere that serves food if I’m honest. Here’s some random food shots for those who like close-ups of other people’s food:

Moody Sow Farm Shop

Once you’ve finished at Cefn Mably Farm you’ll leave via the Moody Sow farm shop. It’s basically their equivalent of the gift shop, only better and consisting of food. It’s bloody excellent. Every time we come here we always head straight for the frozen section where they have loads of frozen pastries. Chocolate twists, pain au chocolats, apple strudels and all sorts of others. We usually grab a bag full of these, some bacon, some lovely fresh bread and some salted butter. Suffice to say we’re all looking forward to the next days breakfast.


Cefn Mably Is Outstanding Value for Money with Plenty to Do No Matter What the Weather

What we love about Cefn Mably is the fact it really is outstanding value for money. We paid £9 for the two of us and our daughter, who was free. If I was bringing her here on my own, it would just be £4.50, which is only a little bit more than what I pay to get into my local soft play centre. Considering the fact that not only do you have a brilliant soft play, but you also have all the animals, you really can’t knock the price for this one.

Cefn Mably Farm Park Loyalty card

You also have a loyalty card – which you can see above – that works in the same way the coffee one does at McDonald’s. Come here 6 times, and you get a 7th visit for free. They actually stamp it for each paying adult, so if there’s two of you going you only have to visit three times and the next visit you save £4.50. It’s not a massive amount, but it’s still something.

How to Get to Cefn Mably Farm and Opening Times

Like many attractions Cefn Mably is open 7 days a week, 10am-5pm. It’s just £4.50 for entry during term time and weekdays and then £6.50 on weekends and non-term time. If you want to know how to get to Cefn Mably, then here’s Google maps. Or you can simply follow the postcode CF3 6XL.

If You’re Looking for Something to do in the South Wales Area, Give Cefn Mably a go

Cefn Mably really is a place that I would massively recommend. It’s very well priced, has lots to do whatever the weather and you can even pick up some food from a quality farm shop. There is very little to dislike about this farm, so much so that I’m struggling to point out anything negative. So if you’re looking for somewhere new to try in the South Wales area, give Cefn Mably a go. I can’t promise you won’t be disappointed, but I’ll be surprised if you are!

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Cefn Mably Farm Park Review: A great day out with the kids in South Wales


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